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  1. sweetoldmemories

    not working,
    after clicking it on and updated the page (options)...message says that options saved...but it is not appearing on the screen. i have tried posting a test message also by refreshing my reader. only the comment option is appeared which is already on by default.
    pls. help

  2. When we hit "save" it indicates saved, however the options chosen become unchecked after hitting the save button.

    There seems to be a kink that needs to be worked out.

  3. The "enhanced feed" stuff was just rolled out today as you can see by Matt's and Donncha's comments in this thread and I don't know if all the bugs are worked out or not.

  4. @timethief
    Thanks for adding the link. I'm brain dead. :-P

  5. Tired and brain dead are not the same. :) No problem.

  6. sweetoldmemories

    thanx for the link, i thought it was my browser's problem :-D

    anyways, the feature looks gr8 !

  7. Yeah, I think so too. I can't wait till they are working.

  8. I'm having the same exact problem, fwiw.

  9. It looks like the entries are there but they aren't actually active yet. As I understand it staff is still exterminating bugs.

  10. hello,
    i clicked update the page but do not save, only comment is on, there is a bug?

  11. Same trouble here. Won't save new checked items. Won't save without Comments checked.


  12. Sorry you're having problems. Reload the options-reading.php page and try again. Things should work now!

  13. It's working!

    Thanks, donncha!

    BTW, it does appear the new social links you now let us choose to add to our feed get added to a re-burned FeedBurner feed -- and if you have a FeedBurner feed sending out similar sorts of social links at the bottom of your feed post -- you are able to then cleveryly curry together pick/choose a neat sort of split/colluding double interest of what both provide combined that you cannot get alone.

    You know what I mean! SMILE!

  14. Thank you donncha, now works.

  15. Hello, excuse me but there are problem's with accent on letters in italian language. I have tried in google reader and greatnews reader.

  16. Excuse me again, words (tag and category) are not clickable... only comments are clickable. Is that ok?

  17. butindaro - unfortunately there's very little we can do about the character corruption because of the fonts available to us.
    Tags and categories can't be clickable unfortunately. If they were, and you changed either of them, then your post would show as new again even though it wasn't.

    boles - I'm not sure what you mean, but you could always turn off the links on one site, either here or Feedburner.

  18. So, now that feeds have been updated, any chance of getting feed stats back?

  19. Thank you for your work dooncha.

  20. Ever since this rolled out, it hasn't worked on my blog. I've posted a new item, done all that was said to be done, and still no joy. I must be missing some step.

    Any help would be appreaciated.

  21. Graaa, can you give us more details of what isn't working on your blog? It's hard to work out what you mean otherwise. It should be fairly simple; just go to Dashboard > Options > Reading, check the boxes you want and click update options. What isn't working for you?

  22. Update: when I look at your feed in Google Reader, I see tagged, comments, add to delicious, Digg it, etc. Seems to be working for me.

  23. Heh, now I see it as well.

    Can we shalk it up to "a Christmas Miracle?" :)

  24. Glad to hear it's working then. Maybe Santa and the elves fixed things. :) Happy blogging!

  25. Having the same problem as graa. Checked the boxes in Dashboard > Options > Reading, but they aren't showing on my blog. What am I doing wrong?

  26. You have not given us a link to your blog so we cannot take a look.

    It may take a little for the changes to show up in your feed. Perhaps a half hour or even an hour. Check with Google feed reader, or feedburner in a little bit.

  27. Sorry, Here's the link. I'm an noob, so I'm sure it's something simple I'm not doing. Anyway, here's the link <url></url>

  28. I just checked your feed coming from your blog ( ) and it shows categories and digg and stumble and reddit so it look like things are golden now. Sometimes it takes an hour for changes to your feed to show up.

  29. Cool, thank you!

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