Enlarge body text of posts but keep widgets/sidebar font

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    I just upgraded to edit the CSS of Tarski theme. I made the post font and line spacing larger but I want to keep the the sidebar/widget font size the same as it was.

    Does the body automatically have to relate to the widgets? Is there a workaround?
    If so, can you tell me exactly which line I’m looking for or else what new line of code
    to paste into the editor to override connection between body and widget font size.

    I’m new to editing CSS. So if you reply, pretend we’re starting from scratch!

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is janepell.wordpress.com.



    Be sure to read this article before starting your editing > http://csswiz.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/if-you-have-the-wp-com-css-upgrade/
    Also note that CSS is theme specific here at wordpress.com, there is no official Staff support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little Volunteer support. Be patient and consult resources found here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-css/#css-help while waiting for a Volunteer to help you. :)

    Here’s search results link to other Tarski CSS font threads > http://tinyurl.com/5v7nyap


    The main font attributes are typically set in “body” and then if other elements need to have different attribute values, then those are declared for that specific element.

    If you want to change the post content font size only, then you have to target just that element such as below.

    .post-content {
    font-size: 15px;


    Thanks all. I did read much of the CSS editing background material before posting this question. And the last I checked, Tarski’s forum was down.

    Thanks Sacred Path. This makes sense. Body, in the case of Tarski, determines the attributes of much of the content styling. So if I want to make one part separate, leave Body alone and simply paste .post-content into the CSS editor with the attributes I want.

    I did the same thing with the levels of heads. I think my problem was that I was looking for how to change the widget text size. Instead, it sounds like you’re saying create a new CSS style for just .post-content and leave the Body as it was.


    Yes, that is correct. In some themes, the designer may have already done it that way if they wanted the post content to be styled differently from what was declared in body, but CSS is theme specific so that means not only are the selectors going to be different in most cases, but also the way that they handle the styling. Every designer has their own ideas on how to do that, and there really isn’t a right or wrong way. Some ways are definitely much better if someone is going in later to change things, but still no right or wrong way.



    That worked. Thank you!


    You are welcome.

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