Enlarging the Writing & Editing Window?

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    Hello WordPress users!
    Thank you in advance for your help with a question that could increase my productivity powerfully. How could I make the window in which I type a post larger? So that when I want to see how the post looks on an actual screen view, I don’t have to keep going for the “preview”.

    Here’s an image of the window I am talking about:

    Thanks again!

    The blog I need help with is robertwangsblog.wordpress.com.



    You can change the number of lines in the edit window. Dashboard >> Settings >> Writing >> and choose the number of lines for the writing window, default is 15 I think.

    You other option is to get an offline editor such as Windows Live Writer, WLW will go to you blog and get the Theme info so you do have pretty much a what you see is what you are going to get.

    I think that is the only options you have.



    I managed to change the number of lines in the edit window as you described, it solved the issue. Thanks! :-)



    You are welcome!

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