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Enough already with all this Vampire crap

  1. Vampires can suck it! Come on over and I'll give you multiple reasons why.

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  2. Yes, I have to concur with you on that. Ugh, that 'Twilight' drivel has me going crazy, and I'm extremely peeved about one of the videos for the upcoming 'Eclipse' installment. It was by Muse (my absolute fave band) and I wanted to throw things at my computer. I liked Muse before any of that stupid vampire crap.
    I don't understand why people think an undead, murderous bloodsucker is somehow romantic and alluring. Vampires KILL people (if they did exist, and I've yet to see ample proof of that).
    I admit I have the Twilight Saga, but it's only because I get a charge out of reading horrible romance novels. It's great laugh therapy for me. Give me a good Hellboy graphic novel over that any day.
    I have to add, I love the fact that you have an image of Calvin and Hobbes as your avatar; I loved that comic strip.

  3. thx weaselgal!

  4. @atomicgator LMAO!!! I am sitting here at work laughing at my desk. I have to say that I really LOVED this article. I'll admit i was one of those girls who was addicted to the twilight serious and had inappropriate thoughts about Robert Pattinson. And yes, vampire diaries is a staple in my house on thursday BUT even I am getting tired of the vampires and the werewolves. I think its the whole idea of how females go for the bad boy. How much more bad ass could you get than killing people and sucking their blood?????

  5. Skylar, I'm happy you enjoyed the article. I'm surprised someone who like twilight and Vamp diaries still liked it, that makes me happy.

    I never thought of that before but I guess you're 100% correct, the females love them some bad boys and who is worse than vampires and werewolves. Good call, I wish I would of thought of that before I wrote my blog..

    Thanks again for the reading and laughing!


  6. apexofoblivion

    Agreed, really sick of vampires. Bring on the zombies!!!

  7. christiangrblr

    @apexofoblivion agreed!

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