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Enough nonsense; chronological order should be supported

  1. It seems that one of the most frequently asked questions by blog publishers is how to turn the sequence upside down; to sort the entries top-down instead of bottom up. I.e., in chronological sequence. The explanation is always, "The nature of a blog is blah blah blah, and if you want to blah blah blah you must blah blah blah."

    It's very gestapo-like. It must end!

    In every program I can think of that does anything with text or numbers or dates or actually any sets of data, there is a SIMPLE way to sequence that data. To not provide any means to do so in a product as otherwise robust and mature as wordpress is simply bizarre. It's enormously frustrating and aggravating.

    Look. People want to do different things with their websites. Some want to start with the blog concept, use some or most of what it has to offer, but not all of it. That would be me. I don't want it to do the sequencing for me, if it can't do it the way I want it. So why not let me do it my way? What is the cost? This software has been around for a long time. If the adjustment to a install is a single line of code, it obviously can't be that much more complex for to offer it. If they were to simply provide a checkbox that either would or would not enable that line of code, we would not be continually asking the question. And I – and others like me – would not be wasting so much precious time trying to get it to do what we want it to do. It's just absolutely intolerable that there is not a simple switch that lets us select whether we want it chronological or reverse. Just absurd.

    Has everyone else just given up on this? Or is there someone out there who can provide a solid response that there is hope on the horizon? Or will it just always be that "that's not the way it's intended to be used"?

    When I was a kid, I can't tell you how many times I had to listen to my dad saying, "That's not what a screwdriver is for." And he was right, of course, and I learned how to use the right tools for the right tasks. But I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was when, many years later, I came across an article in a boatbuilding magazine called, "The Screwdriver: The Imperfect Tool for Every Job." I sent it to my dad, and he had a good chuckle. He knew where I was coming from, and he enjoyed the article. He had to grant that the author made some good points. I think he still maintained his world view, which is fine. But he had to relent a bit, and admit that maybe that *was* what a screwdriver was for after all.

    My deep and sincere hope is that some day, somehow, the folks will relent also, and will realize that there is no harm in allowing people to sort their blogs their own way. Wow, it could even be extended to alphabetical, or user's own sequence! Wow, think of it! Flexibility! Amazing!

    Please, please, please (I've said it three times!), let us sort our blogs our own way! I don't want cumbersome workarounds, I want a real, bona fide choice in the matter. It's the right thing to do!!!

  2. It's very gestapo-like. It must end!

    No what must end is this type of outrageous comparison and the arrogance and ignorance that gives rise to it. Your theatrics are disrespectful of those who suffered under the Gestapo.

    I suggest that rather than being an unhappy blogger here that you hire a web host and hack a free software install to suit you. Many others do this every day.

  3. Talk to staff as I suggested via the link in my other post. The volunteers here in the forums are told nothing by staff.

  4. Personally, if they allow this, I want to be able to sort my posts by the third letter in the seventh word in the sixth paragraph of the second blockquote.

  5. Sorry, I can't help myself sometimes.

    Talk to staff.

  6. Perhaps this should actually be in the "themes" forum, yes?

  7. LOL ... :D No!

  8. Well okay ... lol :P

  9. Perhaps this should actually be in the "themes" forum, yes?

    I would move it to the rant forum but we don't have one here @ lol

  10. There is off-topic, but it isn't off topic really.

  11. Yep it's one of those threads that don't fit in any of the current forums.

  12. Eh, let's leave it where it is. It isn't really a theme issue either (although it might require editing all the themes here to add it). It is more of a "core" wordpress hack me thinks.

  13. That's what I got from reading the OP's reply was it was a "core hack" topic...

  14. The theme doesn't fit ... hmmmm ... recycling bin?

  15. Modlooked the thread for staff to decide what they want to do with thread...

  16. The alphabetical sort thing I can't see any big demand for really. It would be a niche thing. Sorting in chronological rather than reverse chronological though, I can see more demand for that.

    Whether themes would have to be hacked or not might depend on how the theme was written. They would at least all have to be checked - and of course all of them tested in every browser, and every version, on every OS - to make sure there wasn't something that would trip things up. I've seen some really strange and bizarre things in theme files that really just should not be there.

  17. Bottom line is that this is something that would have to be added to wordpress core, and that puts it into the major league development side of things.

  18. I think there is not not much code here, just need to change the code for sorting the posts as the page latest first to the latest last order. And it can be done by adding an option in the control panel, which if selected the reverse ordering would work. Not related to theme, but not difficult either. (Lets see how it is, I will have a look at the code)

  19. Good idea ... they are all excellent at explaining all things wordpress like core hacks and where to get a install for DIY or where to find a codepoet for hire.

  20. OOPS! Mine was delayed response to slik about Modlooking the thread for Staff.

  21. is offered to you as is, to use for free, with optional paid upgrades. In order to customize it beyond what is offered, you would need to use a installation.

    Whether not something is easy to do isn't really the question. It's more whether it's good choice for the WordPress community and whether or not someone codes an elegant solution for it and submits it to the project. When that happens, then the community and the core developers can discuss, decide, and possibly implement changes. Open source!

    What you are describing is a core WordPress function. When it comes to a core software decision as in this case, your best bet is to discuss your ideas in the core community. The place to do it is either at or the wp-hackers mailing list even.

    Don't forget that all WordPress forums are volunteer-based. And remember, please be nice! :)

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