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    I usually work in the Visual mode and when I wish to create spaces between lines and pictures and lines, the normal Enter key does not work. Someone suggested an HTML code of padding, but I am not adept at HTML to use it comfortably.

    To give an example, here’s a post. If you scroll down, you’ll see that the pictures keep coming between the paragraph, thus breaking the sentence. http://partialview.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/to-the-edge-we-go/

    Could you help?

    The blog I need help with is partialview.wordpress.com.



    Hi partialview,

    I would recommend to just hit enter before inserting a photo, so the cursor sits in a new line and then choose alignment ‘none’ when inserting. Afterwards just hit enter again and start writing the next sentence in the next line.

    If you do want to use html you can use
    for a line break.
    I hope that helps.


    @partialview: The web standard is one blank line between paragraphs, and you can’t change that unless you use coding in the HTML editor. As juliecatch22 said, your problem isn’t the enter key, it’s the alignment of the images. Align left or right mean position left or right plus wrap around (that is, the rest of the content should start next to the image instead of below it). Align none or center mean position left or center with no wrap around (that is, rest of content below image).

    If you need right or left aligned images but wish to prevent some text from wrapping around them, you need to switch the editor to HTML and paste this before the text that mustn’t wrap around:
    <br style="clear:both;" />

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