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entered post not showing up on blog. please help!

  1. I entered a post yesterday, which automatically emailed to all of my followers - but the post is not showing up on the blog??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you see the post in your dashboard?
    dashboard—>posts—>all posts

  3. It's unrelated to my earlier thread. I went back and looked and the date for it to be published was 1/1/2012 (instead of 2013). How do I get it to post to my blog w/o the email going out to all of my followers again? They already got the email. (Not sure why/how that happened, because I thought I had scheduled it to post on 1/1). Thanks for your help!

  4. How do I get it to post to my blog w/o the email going out to all of my followers again?

    You can temporarily make the blog private, quickly edit the date stamp and then make the blog public again.

  5. OK, I just tried to mark it private, change the date, and then changed it back to public. But when I changed it back to public, the only way to update that, is to click publish. I think if I do that, an email will send to all of my followers again, is that right?

  6. I was referring to making blog visibility private so the change to the date on the post would not be sent out to subscribers when you click "publish" on the post. Then after you do that your can make the blog visibility public again.

  7. I do have it published as private, w/ the proper date (yesterday). But when I go back into it, and click on public - there's not an update option, there's only a publish option. This makes me think it will send the email out again? What do you think? And thank you so much for all of your help!

  8. I am talking about the BLOG visibility not the POST visibility.

  9. If the BLOG visibility is private and the Post visibility is public then your visitors will not be receiving the post again in their email when you click publish. After publishing the post you can chnage the BLOG visibility back to public.

  10. OK now that makes sense. How do I make my blog private?

  11. got it. thanks for your patience. i'm new to all of this! happy new year!

  12. Hooray! I love happy endings. Happy New Year!

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