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    I see nothing in the tutorials as basic as showing how I INPUT widgets to, for instance, the Blogs I Follow widget. I cannot type in web addresses, there is nothing to drag and paste anywhere. I wanted to create a simple list, blavatar or otherwise, and nothing step-by-steps me into that.

    The blog I need help with is rogermooresmovienation.wordpress.com.


    Blogs I Follow widget.

    That displays sites you have ‘followed’ by clicking a link on that site or the reader.

    You may be confusing it with the Links Widget which displays links you’ve added via your Dashboard.





    I can’t really be of anymore help as I believe the original question was answered, but……..

    Is there any way to split and categorize blogs you follow or can you only do it by linking?

    The problem with linking is that it doesn’t really show up on the blog you are following…




    No, there is no way to split blogs on the Blogs I Follow widget. There is on the Links widget.

    And linking to blogs is WAY better than just using the Blogs I Follow widget. Search engines love links.


    Thanks, I was thinking about what’s best for the blogs I follow, but from what you’re suggesting, linking to them is better than following as well.


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