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    I am finding it impossible to add text down the side of images. Help please?

    The blog I need help with is selfbuildhallsgreen.wordpress.com.


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    Does this Support article help?

    If you want images on the left, then when you insert a picture choose align left. Text will wrap around the photo on the right.

    Same goes for images on the right, so text will wrap to the left.

    Align none means the pic will be on the left and text will be on the bottom of the image, and below.

    Choose “center” so the photo will be in the center of your blogging column (or page) with text above and below.

    There are other details, but that should get you started.



    Thank you very much. It is now clear that it images should be added into the text. I was trying to add an image and then type text alongside.

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