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Enterprise deployment for 10000 users

  1. I am looking to push for WordPress to be a solution for our company of 10000 for creating internal content. I'm getting plenty of pushback.
    How many servers? How will we handle updates? Who will support it? What if the plugins for active directory stop being developed? I am trying to make a move that has huge culture issues here and need answers.

    I'd like to sign up for y'all's service for support and not hosting if y'all can be of service.

    Please help!

  2. There is no FTP access and we blogger cannot install any plugins on free hosted blogs.

    Please read this comparison first

    Then hire a web host and set up software.

  3. Do you know anything about how many servers with today? If it says done for that tail? Also what job you provide support as far as it by expert knowledge?

  4. We have our own infrastructure, and there's no way I could get them posted on loud right now.

  5. Oh wait! This is the peer support forum for free hosted bloggers.
    Do you mean VIP hosting?
    See here

  6. Here is the VIP hosting documentation link
    Here is the contact link

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