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  1. I'm currently testing the new Enterprise Theme and found a couple of issues which I have written to support about. I have 10 pages only 7 currently show while the other 3 are tucked under the bar somewhere below Home | Contact Me | About. The bar on the right presently shows 3 categories which I cannot or don't know how to disable (perhaps through CSS?)

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. Also...The header text still seems to show up on every page, except home, when you turn it off and use an image for a header instead.

  4. @shimworld: Apparently the theme can only accomodate a single row of page tabs; it's not the only one with that limitation. And you'd be interested to know that in some browsers your blog shows up like that:

  5. @feetfan Did you click save after choosing to hide the text ?

  6. @slikbonez:

    I did indeed.

  7. @panaghiotisadam

    Wow, that's not cool. :(

    Switching back to P2 for now.

  8. @feetfan then I suggest contacting staff directly since this theme is still new and may have bugs that still need to be ironed out. »

  9. Should I also contact support.. on the findings that I have on it... though several seem to be ( browser ) related... the problem is... I like Firefox, and strangely, this template works better on IE???

  10. I'm using Firefox 3.6.4 and it display well for me.

    1. The top horizontal menu displays static Page tabs with dropdowns to Child Pages.
    2. Immediately beneath it in the second row of that horizontal menu Categories are displayed.

  11. @sonsothunder, I checked out you're site with the dev version of Google Chrome and Firefox 3.6.4 and the site seems to load and display just fine

    I did notice your top post the wording is in all bold. Is this what you're referring to ?

  12. @slikbonez
    He's tried a few themes now and he made the text blog himself by coding into the HTML editor.

    I just viewed the theme in IE8 and it display fine too.

  13. I have activated enterprise and so far the only glitch so far is that my nestled page only drops down from the parent page on fox and not ie8 . The page is 'little moments' and it has 'test' nestled. Still testing. I really like this one, I hope it can be ironed out.

  14. @shimworld The issue with header text in Enterprise has been resolved. I'll be taking a look at your other issues in the next little bit. Also, you can gain some control over the layout and total length of menu items by making some of your top-level pages child pages of a parent page in the Edit Page screen.

  15. @knitvision The header drop-downs for your "Little Moments" page is working correctly for me in IE8. Are they working now?

  16. Sort of.. I have a 2nd test page nestled and it is hidden behind the category header.

  17. That is probably why when I go to move my cursor down to click on the first test page below cat header it disconnects and I am unable to click on it.

  18. I'm contemplating a switch to Enterprise as well since it's pretty much exactly what I've been looking for these last couple of years. I can attest @themeshaper his advice is sound. I had to shorten the title of some of my pages and nest some of the more closely related ones and I now have a design that looks good to me.

    BUT, into every life some rain must fall. @Timethief has stated, there is that second nav bar that displays categories. If I could just find a way to turn off that nav bar so that it would just be a nice looking static bar, I'd be happier than a pig in mud. As it is, you will be very limited on the number of categories you can use without messing up your layout.

    Does anyone know of a way to cut that bottom bar off?

  19. @sdeanwham
    Don't throw tomatoes :) but I like that display of categories in the horizontal menu. I believe Enterprise is the only theme of the 86 or so of them that is coded to provide that feature for Category display in the horizontal menu.

    I don't know how to remove it, and if it's coded into the underlying template as I expect that it is then even CSS editing will not remove it. The Theme team can you give a definitive answer when one of them post to this thread again.

  20. @timethief I agree with you. I like the horizontal cat menu. I don't know how to make it better so I can live with it.

  21. The answer to that will have to come from the Theme Team and this thread and others in the Themes Forum we use to communicate with them. They monitor all threads and return and post answers to our questions.

  22. At the request of WordPress support, I switched back to Enterprise theme for them to tweak the codes. I've got a Toyota shoot tomorrow that'll keep me busy for a few days post processing.

  23. @timethief
    Actually, I could learn to like it, but like I said, you'll probably only be able to have at most six or seven (depending on word length) of top level categories. I guess I could always throw in a miscellaneous category to catch everything not really fitting anywhere else. I poked around in the CSS Editor and I can delete the bar, but not the category titles. Of course, I'd feel pretty stupid paying for a CSS Editor upgrade just to get rid of one word. That's being a little too OCD even for me.

    Maybe the theme team can shed a little light on the subject when they peek in here.

  24. The Enterprise menu should be a little more sturdy now. I hope that helps everybody out!

  25. In another "Enterprise" thread, ThemeShaper also supplied this information about the Categories and sub-category dropdown display in the horizontal menu.

    Enterprise shows the 10 most-used categories in the second level of the menu area (sub categories being shown in the drop down menu).

  26. @themeshaper

    Now both the page nestled(child) and the category on the menu show at the same time on ie8.
    Kind of on top of each other. Almost there.

  27. Well, crazy as it sounds, in the course of a day tinkering with the Enterprise theme and my particular format (being unemployed has one or two benefits) just as timethief said might happen, the category bar has grown on me. Also, kudos and more to the theme team for yeoman work getting Enterprise much more stable and bug free in less than a day.

  28. The Enterprise theme has forced me to streamline my pages and it's now neater, fits in the one row. However, according to the theme comes with Footer Widgets but I don't see them on mine. Do they require separate activation?

  29. @shimworld
    I have Footer widgets labeled footer #1, #2 and # 3 on my widgets page and they were easy to set up. I just drug and dropped 1 widget into each one with no difficulty.

  30. I just drug and dropped 1 widget into each one with no difficulty.

    Thanks. I prefer alternative therapy :)

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