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"Enterprise" Theme at

  1. Hi, I read somewhere that themes that are made for are also used at I did a search for "Enterprise" at and came up empty. Does anyone know if this theme "Enterprise" exists in the themes?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. @lornemclean
    The ONLY themes we can use on wordpress.COM blogs are found here > Appearance > Themes

    The themes found there are coded to run on our software at wordpress.COM and are not the same as those coded to run on wordpress.ORG installs because wordpress.ORG installs run on different software.

    Please, please read these support entries so your clearly comprehend that there is no FTP access to wordpress.COM blogs and we cannot upload themes into them. And so you clearly comprehend all the differences between wordpress.COM blogs and wordpress.ORG installs.

    If you want complete control over your blog and the limitations of having a wordpress.COM blog do not suit you, then the solution is to hire a web host and get a wordpress.ORG install.

  3. Sorry but I guess I didn't make my post clear. I understand the themes at can only be used at and themes can only be used at

    What I meant was that there are a "Lot" of themes at and that have the exact same look and were designed by the same company.

    I was using the "Enterprise" theme at and so I was wondering if anyone knew it it was also created for because I couldn't see it there?

  4. Not all themes at are available for external blogs, and some that are available (like Duotone) need substantial hacking to work, and some that were available aren't being updated for compatibility with the newest versions.. Your best bet is to click on the name of the designer on your blog here and go to their site, then search for the theme you want.

  5. Thanks raincoaster.

  6. Not all themes at are available for external blogs</blockquote.

    I don't believe that is true. There is an SVN repository of (what I assume is) all free themes here:

  7. Yes, it is true. Trust me, I've tried to get certain .com themes on my .org blog. Look at Hemingway: it's not available for download anymore.

  8. The other thing is, some .COM themes are problematic on.ORG blogs since they have features and additions that are only compatible with .COM blogs.

    I've never found one that I didn't have to tweak before launching it on a .ORG blog.

  9. Look at Hemingway: it's not available for download anymore.

    Yes it is. It's available in the SVN repository I linked to earlier:

    The other thing is, some .COM themes are problematic on.ORG blogs since they have features and additions that are only compatible with .COM blogs.

    Do you know what specific features tend to cause problems?

  10. You can download it, but it probably won't work. See the designer's remarks here:

    I’ve given up on releasing “versions” of Hemingway. You’ll just have to download the latest version of Hemingway for Wordpress (zip) from GitHub. It’s been tested with Wordpress 2.7
    Looking for Hemingway support?
    Check out the support forums.
    If you’d like to contribute to Hemingway, please do check out the GitHub repository. Patches welcomed

    As for what causes errors, that varies with the theme. You can't generalize. Let me give you an example: Duotone is a photoblog theme. Unless you substantially hack the code, if you install it and use it on your blog, it will not display your photos at all.

  11. I tried the Hemingway theme and it seems to work fine.

    There's some nasty looking code in there though so I wouldn't recommend using it.

  12. If it works fine, why don't you recommend it?

    I really wanted it to work for my photoblog, but I'm not going to be doing any serious theme hacking. I have enough on my plate.

    These things are never simple.

  13. If it works fine, why don't you recommend it?

    There were security issues with it. I sent a security report though last night and those holes have now been patched by staff so it shouldn't be a
    problem any longer.

  14. Oooh, did they do those fixes for the downloadable version as well? Sigh, probably not. It's a gorgeous theme, but I'm a very "can't I just take it out of the box and use it" person.

  15. The SVN repo. has been updated, which is downloadable ...

    Or at least you can't download it directly via a zip, but you can check it out via subversion or copy each file out individually.

  16. Thanks, much appreciated. It will look far better than my existing theme, although I know I'm in for a passel of trouble when I upgrade WP sometime in the future.

  17. Why do you think you will have trouble upgrading?

    The theme looks pretty basic. I'd guess it will keep working for a long time to come and presumably it will be here on so they'll need to upgrade it anyway.

  18. I anticipate trouble because I'm a very non-technical person who does not understand code and I understand that when things are discontinued in the tech world, the rest of the world moves on and you have to patch, kludge, and duct tape old things to get them to work with the new ones. That's certainly been my experience.

    That said, thanks for all the info. I feel much better about this and may give it a shot this weekend.

  19. I seriously doubt you will have problems, and if you are only modifying the CSS, then you should just be able to re-download the version of the theme and replace all of the PHP files to fix any problems that might crop up in the future.

    This sort of theme is fairly simple. There's not a whole lot going on under the hood, so I wouldn't expect much in the way of future problems, at least not for a few years anyway. WordPress is pretty good at providing backwards compatibility and you need to do something pretty dumb ass for it to break on an upgrade - or complex, which this theme is not.

    There's potentially a depreciated function or two in there, but that's likely to cause a catastrophic crash in there if it gets removed from core WordPress and so it will tell you which file and line the problem is. Then you just need to download a fresh copy and either copy ALL the files over like I suggested above or you could find the changes in the new version and apply them to yours. Either way, any problems should be simple to fix I would suspect.

  20. Okay: dumb question.

    HOW do I download the theme. I can see those files. Presumably I can download them to my computer. Presumably, then, I can upload them again via FTP. But you're dealing with somebody who goes to the Theme Installer, searches for a theme, clicks Install Theme and considers that a hard day's work.

    Should I just hit google for this? Or is there a workaround?

  21. @raincoaster - yes - download all the files - then upload all the files using FTP into a directory with the correct name in your Themes directory and that should do it.

    No need to do a special "install" I have loaded about a dozen Themes in the last two months for testing, none using the Theme Installer - I just grabbed the zip file - unzipped it and loaded the whole directory up with FTP into the Theme directory and they magically appeared in Dashboard >> Themes.

    The only caution is to get the name of the Directory correct, I suspect a spelling error might not be the best.

  22. Right, I'll try that, thanks. Will let you know if it works (but not till tomorrow, I'm going to sleep now; need a good night's rest to get this done!).

  23. I use Tortoise SVN to grab a copy directly. There are other tools to do this too.

    Alternatively you can manually download each file one by one.

    The installation is the same as for any other theme though, just upload it into the themes folder and it will automatically appear in your list of available themes in WordPress.

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