Enterprise Theme – Author.php Missing?

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    I just moved http://global-christian.net over to the enterprise theme, and I noticed that the by author field just under the title is hyperlinked as expected, but the content that is rendered under this url http://global-christian.net/author/danielckberman/ is exactly the same as my front page. It would seem that the author.php file is missing from the theme file hierarchy . Even from the standpoint of SEO (poss. duplicate content) for the entire group of people using this theme on wordpress.com it would be nice if this file could be added, or don’t hyperlink.

    The blog I need help with is global-christian.net.


    Are you the only author with a published post on that site? If so, then what you are seeing is correct for that theme. It shows all posts by that author, which is everything on the site.


    Epic facepalm. I understand the logic now. I am so sorry for posting.


    Not a problem, we all have those moments.

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