Enterprise theme: Can I remove RSS feeds from nav bar?

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    I’m using the Enterprise theme to create a static website (no blogging) and wondering:

    1. Can I remove the “comments rss” and “posts rss” from the main nav bar?

    2. I don’t want to use “posts” since this is a static web site. I can’t remove the CATEGORIES nav bar unless I have the CSS upgrade, so in the meantime I’ve created a “post” but de-selected “allow comments” However, when I go to view the post, it still shows “Leave a comment”

    How can I get rid of the “leave a comment”?

    The blog I need help with is richardsonpallets.wordpress.com.


    1. Not without some CSS editing experience and the paid CSS upgrade.


    2. Enterprise has two menu areas. The darker section (primary) and the lighter section (secondary). Simply create a new blank menu and assign it to the secondary menu area.



    For the comments, go to settings > discussion and turn comments off and also disallow trackbacks and pingbacks and then save.

    Since these settings are not retroactive you will have to open each page in the page editor and then disallow comments in the “discussion” module below the text entry area and then update the page.


    That is awesome, thesacredpath. Problem solved! I may have to get that CSS upgrade, cuz now I think I don’t want the lighter (secondary) bar to appear at all.


    You’re welcome. You might discover though that without the rounded grey section below the darker grey it looks funny. I used firebug to hide it a while ago and didn’t like the way it looked.


    As for the “Leave a comment” tab, it’s an oversight – documented here:

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