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Enterprise theme - Can't use a custom image for header

  1. I don't know if this only affects to me or not, but I want to change the header background on Enterprise theme, I don't like the fonts in the header and want use a custom header, but when I upload the image, it's can be processed..

    Looking in my Multimedia, the images has been uploaded, but the change can be processed and can't be used on the header. Also if I upload the image from the custom header option, the picture it's upload and resized in any size..

    So, automatically change the size and the image it's upload, but can't be used for custom the header.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What's the file extension on the image? It has to be either .jpg, .jpeg,.png or .gif
    Also did you presize it to exact specs? I never ever upload anything that requires cropping because the image quality is not retained.

  3. I'll go try and try one on my test blog and let you know what happens.

  4. You are not alone. I tried to uplaod a header of the correct size and wit is a jpg file. this is what I got:

    File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.

    This needs to be reported to Staff.

  5. Yes, that's the same problem. I've tried with .png and .png with transparencies and same issue.


  6. Mine works fine, assuming you meant the "Header" which requires 960 x 80 pixels and not the "Background" which I haven't tried.

  7. @shimworld: yes! an image 960 80 pixels, background works fine since a few weeks ago.

  8. Okay I just made second header 960 x 80 pixels and this time it uploaded fine. There is no reason why the first one didn't, unless the image editor had a coughing fit or something along those lines.

  9. Well, now it's working, but I can hide the original text :S The image upload fine, but then I see the image and the original header text, and I can't hide. I've tried hide the text, save changes, and the upload the image and the text appear again, and the background (not header) has gone :S

  10. Well, the original text still appearing up the custom header image on the configuration box, but in the blog it looks fine.. you can see it on my blog right now...

    Thanks timethief for the support and all the wordpress team for this great job, now I understand why you are the best.


  11. @martincasc
    The header looks great now. In fact the whole theme looks very elegant on your blog. I like the logo and your color choices too.
    Happy blogging. :)

  12. I'm having the same difficulties Just switched to Enterprise Theme.
    Whenever uploading image, cropping, changing text color (aka blog title), it appears fine in the preview, but when saving changes and reviewing on blog, only the text color appears changed. uplodaded image does not.

    Code for my upgraded CSS re: header is:
    #header {
    border:1px solid #E4E4E4;
    margin:0 auto;

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  13. P.S. when the height was set to 80px as per the original styleheet, still had the same difficulties.

  14. I just uploaded a custom header for my blog with the Enterprise's the right size, 960 x 80, but I can't get it to appear. I've tried .jpg and .png versions of the header. They appear to get saved just fine, but they don't appear on my blog.

  15. I've had to remove the custom header, since it isn't working.

  16. I've tried reverting back to the original CSS style sheet and I still can't get the custom header to appear. Anyone got an idea?

  17. @pdadams and kingsfan
    Hello there. This is a Support Forum thread. As you two have CSS editing issues you ought to be posting a thread to the CSS Customization forum where the Volunteers who help with CSS find it so they can help you. This is the link that's found in the left hand sidebar of the front page of the forum >

  18. I'm not sure this is a CSS issue. Then again, I don't know, since I'm not a CSS guru. :-) All I know is that I can't add a custom header (it doesn't show up) while using the Enterprise theme. This happens with the original style sheet or one that I tweaked slightly, but only to change the text color for link text.

  19. If you have edited the CSS on any theme at you can no longer use the custom image header uploader. Once you have edited the CSS then the header image URL must be included in the CSS stylesheet.

  20. OK...but in that case, why doesn't the custom header feature work with the original stylesheet re-installed?

  21. I see that you have received an answer from devblog who is a CSS guru in this thread. Please be mindful that the CSS ugrade is not recommend to those who do not have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. devblog is Volunteering to help. He's not volunteering to teach CSS editing.

  22. I understand that. I'm in the process of learning CSS. Quite frankly, all I originally wanted to do with the CSS upgrade is change the URL text color, which I was able to figure out. There was nothing to indicate that the header change feature would no longer work.

  23. @kingsfan3
    Hi there. What I know about CSS would be lonely on the head of a pin. However, I have read many threads and I have seen that answer given over and over again. Se here > I also know that CSS editing on any is theme specific but that's where what I know ends.

  24. "If you have edited the CSS on any theme at you can no longer use the custom image header uploader. Once you have edited the CSS then the header image URL must be included in the CSS stylesheet."

    Something about this should be spelled out by somewhere on the customize header page. Although it's entirely possible that I just missed it when purchasing the CSS upgrade, it really should be more apparent.

  25. andrewspittle

    Hi all,

    Using a custom header image and Custom CSS at the same time is possible on blogs. We have information on what to look out for at:

    If you keep those tips in mind you should have no problem keeping your custom header images appearing even with customized CSS.

  26. Andrew,

    That's just redundant.

    What's the point in uploading twice the same image? I mean, it is true that you could have both custom header and custom CSS at the same time, but if you're going to define it in the selector's definition... why upload it through the custom header feature?

    Now you may say that what if someone uses the custom header feature, and later purchases the custom CSS upgrade, why that person would have to revert the header to the default image and use CSS instead? Well, because there have been many instances when people have had problems because of that and the issue gets fixed when they 'reset' their header through the custom header feature. My memory fails me at the moment but maybe another volunteer can give some references to where this kind of things had happened.

  27. "If you have edited the CSS on any theme at you can no longer use the custom image header uploader. Once you have edited the CSS then the header image URL must be included in the CSS stylesheet."

    That's incorrect. Once you've edited CSS, you can still use the built in Appearance -> Header page as long as you don't have Custom CSS that overrides that header image.

    If you try to set a custom header image from Appearance -> Header and then also use Custom CSS to set the header again--that's redundant. The link Andrew provided shows how to avoid that:

    @devblog So, I'd ask the opposite. Why define a custom header in the Custom CSS when you can just use the custom header feature? :)

  28. Because, why would you want to set something in two different places when you can set it in just one? or What if they want to widen the layout? then they would be pulling their hair in frustration wondering... "oh why my header image is resizing to a smaller size!? this sucks!"

    Just imagine also, that if they wanted to change the background color, it'd not only be inefficient but unnecessary laborious setting one thing in the stylesheet, then navigating away to the custom header page just to upload the image there.

  29. Right, the point is to only set it in one place. If you set a custom header on the Appearance -> Header page, then no need to set a custom header image with Custom CSS. And vice versa.

    So, there are definitely cases where you would want to override the Appearance -> Header page (such as widening the layout or changing colors used in the custom header background), but all of the Enterprise theme examples in this thread are not any of those cases.

  30. The thing is, when we are helping people out here in the forums, we really haven't the time to go through and determine if this person or that one has widened their layout or changed the side of the header by doing a comparison of all the widths/heights in the CSS, and where a person who starts a thread may not have widened the theme, another person coming into the thread may have and then as devblog says, they end up beating their heads against the monitor wondering why the solution won't work for them.

    That is one of the reasons we always tell people to put their header image stuff directly into the CSS if they have the CSS upgrade.

    I'm simply not going to spend all that time figuring out if they have changed the size of the header. It ends up wasting their time and ours having to ask a bunch more questions or having to go in and compare their CSS to the original.

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