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Enterprise Theme CSS Changes

  1. I am trying to do the following changes to the CSS.
    1. Decrease the vertical space between paragraphs.
    2. Change the categories and pages to Upper and lowercase instead of all caps –on the top menu and in each post "Filed Under".
    3. Is it possible to create internal hyperlinks inside a post?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. Decrease the bottom padding (15px value) here.

    .entry p {
    padding: 0 0 15px;

    2. This you seem to have figured out.

    3. What exactly do you mean? You add hyperlinks in posts from within the post editor.

  3. 1. Thanks. If I want to bring the lines closer together "leading" do I reduce line height in the ". entry p" CSS element?

    2. I want to turn the menu items at the top to Upper and Lower case. At the moment they are all UPPER CASE.

    3. I want to link from one part of the post to another - within the same entry. In Word this would be a link to another part of the same document. So in this list I would like to say 'click here' to go to item number 1 in the list.

  4. 1. Line height is what you want. Right now the main line height is set in "body" but that will affect everything in the theme, so I would add a line height declaration to .entry p. Right now it is set at 20px in the body selector, so you can work down from there.

    2. Ah, I was thinking you meant in the sidebar. Add the following which will reflect whatever you type into the labels and category names.

    #nav .subnav {
    text-transform: none;

    3. Use page jumps.

  5. @thesacredpath

    1. working fine

    2. not doing anything. I also tried
    #nav .subnav {
    text-transform: lowercase;

  6. Sheesh, my bad. What a difference a comma can make. Use this corrected code.

    #nav, .subnav {
    text-transform: lowercase;
  7. I want to put this "Copyright © 2011-2012 SunnatulHuda Enterprise. All Rights Reserved." at the footer..

    Can anyone help me plz?

  8. @sunnatulhuda
    Have you purchased the CSS editing upgrade? If not you can simply place your copyright notice in a text widget and place it at the bottom of your sidebar.

  9. So i need to purchase the CSS editing upgrade?
    i got it...

    Thanks timethief...

  10. diatribesandovations2011

    Timethief, Are we allowed to make changes to the footer of our WordPress blogs? I thought they couldn't be changed so as to give credit to the theme's designer.

  11. @diatribesandovations2011
    You are correct. We Volunteers are asked to report any members who use CSS editing to hide or remove the footer links to the theme designer and to

  12. You can add things to the footer, such as a copyright statement, you just can't remove the existing stuff that is there.

  13. I bought the CSS upgrade and have two problems:
    1. The title of my blog in the header is now black. How do I change it to white?
    2.How do I change the size and weight of the font of the post title?



  14. First off, go to settings > reading and set your site to show perhaps 5 posts per page. Your site takes a long time to load on my wireless internet connection and that can drive visitors away. Not to mention that the search engines now consider page loading times and total page size when determining search engine ranking so slow loading pages will get discounted.

    It is always a bad idea here at wordpress.COM to paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit window since that will break all relative URLs to images used in the theme (which is why you have lost the RSS icons in the right end of the nav bar beside "posts" and "comments."

    When doing CSS at wordpress.COM, put only the specific selectors, and the specific declarations you are changing or adding into the CSS edit window and make sure that "add to existing..." is selected. Then your changes will override the original CSS without breaking the relative URLs in the original CSS.

    This will turn the site title white.

    #header h1, #header h1 a, #header h1 a:visited, #header h4, #header h4 a, #header h4 a:visited {
    color: #FFFFFF;
  15. On the post titles it is now at 20px. If you go much more than 25px, you are going to have to adjust the line height so that the lines of longer titles (that go to a second line) don't overlap each other. Once you get the font-size and weight where you want it, then you can adjust the line height.

    #content h2 {
    font-size: 20px;
    font-weight: bold;
    line-height: 20px;
  16. @thesacredpath thanks for the advice and the tips. If anyone from the wordpress team is monitoring this I would suggest putting the warning on cutting and pasting the CSS when you pay for the upgrade. The intuitive thing to do is to "save" a copy of the CSS file before you start messing with it.

    Regarding header text size what I want to do is to make it so the Title of the blog post is bigger and bolder than the h1; at the moment the opposite is happening.

  17. You have to adjust the 20px values for font size and line height I gave above Those were just placeholders since I don't know how big you want thing. Do the following

    #content h2 {
    font-size: 100px;
    font-weight: bold;
    line-height: 100px;
  18. Thanks, I now realise that h2 is used for the blog title.

  19. No, the blog (site) title is an h1.

    #header h1

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