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Enterprise theme header search box text?

  1. I'm using the Enterprise theme for my blog at and would like the search box in the header to display 'greyed' text (such as 'Enter search here...' or similar) so that less tech-minded readers understand that it is a search box and not just a random white rectangle in the header.

    There's no 'header' editing under the widgets tab and I can't figure out how to make the box show text. I can't find anything like this in the support pages or elsewhere in the forum, either.

    Help please!

  2. You will need to create an image of the text you want to include and then apply it with CSS like the example shown below:

    #searchform input#s {background:url("IMG-URL") no-repeat top left #efefef!important;}
    #searchform input#s:focus {background:#efefef none!important;}
  3. Thanks for the reply!

    What dimensions does the image need to have (or doesn't it matter?); also, where do I need to keep the image and how do I apply the CSS code you provide? Sorry to be a pain.

  4. You need to purchase the CSS upgrade for that code to work, though you can try before you buy if you go to Appearace > Edit CSS from your dashboard and paste in the code above. You can upload the images to your media library and copy the URL it gives you there. The default height is about 21px but you can always use a larger image and make the input box taller by adding a height:30px declaration in between the curly braces in the first line of code I gave you previously.

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