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    I love the enterprise theme..love it! My only problem is…I have too many categories on my blog..and when the categories appear up there in the navigation…it just messes the look. Is there any way I can use this theme without the categories displayed??? I did try tinkering with it…but there is no option to disable the categories from the header navigation.
    Please help….I really wanna change my blog theme to “Enterprise”… I think Without the categories in the header..I think “enterprise” and my blog are meant to live happily ever after :)

    The blog I need help with is zeenatsyal.wordpress.com.



    I’m sorry but the answer is no.The Enterprise theme is coded to display static Pages in the top row of the horizontal menu with drop downs to child pages. In the second row in the horizontal menu the 10 most used Categories are displayed with drop downs to sub categories.



    So basically other than actually reducing my pages and shortening my categories length…i cant streamline the navigation???



    That’s correct. I’ve recently been in touch with Support and they confirm that the Categories bar including the RSS and Comments links cannot be removed in the theme’s present guise. I think if enough people ask for it WP may give us that option including ability to easily change the colours of the Pages and Categories bar.


    I just wish it would allow us to include more than 10 categories. That would be so neat and useful!

    Also, allowing us to change the colors of the bar is also a very good option.

    Hope it becomes available soon!


    One problem with including more than 10, is that with the pages, and the categories, if you end up having a lot of each, then the visitor’s eyes will simply glaze over and they are likely to click away.

    Navigation should always be kept as simple and clear as possible. People simply want to browse and look at things that interest them, and if you provide them with too many choices, they typically go somewhere else. There is a short book out there, can’t remember the author, called “Don’t Make Me Think” that everyone who has a website – blog or otherwise – should read and take to heart.




    Yes, now you can have your cake and eat it too (at the price of CSS upgrade). Follow this discussion http://bit.ly/d3W9sA and then check out how that has transformed mine http://shimworld.wordpress.com/


    Your blog looks great!! Were you able to do this with the free wordpress application, or did you need to upgrade?



    shimworld has the CSS upgrade and has edited the theme.



    LOL … :D See Zeenat’s guest post here > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/05/24/blog-simplification-changing-wordpress-com-themes/

    P.S. I love what you did with the theme. It frames your contents beautifully. :)



    Thanks @theleadershipcatalyst @timethief !

    It’s one of those right time, right theme moments I guess. @zeenatsyal can sure write! :)



    I love what you did with your blog and would like to know if you could show me how to do the drop down menu in the navigation bar?
    I’m trying to create a gallery and would like to categorize it using drop down menu..

    Thanks in advance!



    I love this theme!
    One workaround I could find was to create an empty menu and set it as primary and secondary. No more menus, no more 10 most used categories. The alternative was to clean up my category list, but I’m too lazy for this.




    You can configure the drop down menu via your dashboard

    Create a new PAGE and under Page Attributes, you get to select which Parent Page it should be under. It’s as simple as that. You newly created automatically becomes a sub-page as a drop-down menu of its parent and so on. Hope this helps.

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