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    Hi I have 13 categories listed but only 11 of those are showing on the top nav bar. How can I make the others visible, is htere a default setting where only a certain amount show up?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is dbda.wordpress.com.


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    Have you assigned any posts to the missing categories?
    A category will only appear if it has at least one post assigned to it.



    I have this same problem and in my case the category missing does have posts linked to it.

    http://damntalkingbox.wordpress.com/ – the second to latest post is placed in “Reviews” and when I posted that, Reviews did show up in the header. However, when I posted again today, despite the latest post not being in that category, it has now disappeared. I have tried to repost the post and marking the category again but it won’t show up.


    Enterprise shows, according to the announcement from staff, up to 10 of your most used categories.


    If you want more to show, you can create a custom menu with all your categories in it and then in “theme location” set the secondary menu location to that new custom menu. Do be aware though that if the secondary menu goes to a second line, or if you have a lot of categories the menu section of the theme might break, and/or look really bad.




    Ah, thank you very much for the help! :)

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