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Enterprise theme-problem

  1. This morning I switched from the wordpress Emire theme to the Enterprise theme. I clicked on activate and everything was cool except that I needed to reformat all the type because I used light gray type with Emire due to the dark backgound and Enterprise has a white background. I reformatted my latest post, saved the changes, checked it out in my browser (Safari) and everthing was fine. I reformatted the next post and everthing was still fine. After reformatting the type in the 3rd post, my header slid all the way to the left and the rest of the blog all the way to the right, almost of of my browser window.

    I did a search and found this post by panaghiotisadam. If you click on the link he provided, you will see the exact problem I am experiencing. I just don't know how to resolve it. Of course wordrpress support is not working at the moment

    @shimworld: Apparently the theme can only accomodate a single row of page tabs; it's not the only one with that limitation. And you'd be interested to know that in some browsers your blog shows up like that:

    I have gone back to Emire in the mean time.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see now it is a browser specific problem. I just previewed Enterprise in Firefox and everything is ok, then went back to Safari and previewed it and the header is all the way to the left. Don't they test the themes in all browsers before releasing them?

  3. Support is up again. Here's the link

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