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    I see two items with the Enterprise Theme that seem to be problems/issues that should be corrected.

    1) In IE 8 all three of the regions are square, there are no rounded corners. Theme should look as similar as possible.
    2) Why does the header have a white line around it? This is a good them for make the header be a section of your background for a nice open effect at the top. But the white line ruins it.

    The blog I need help with is etonlineinfo.wordpress.com.


    Re 1, you should tell that to Microsoft: IE continues to ignore lots of things, among them the code for rounded corners.

    Re 2, I don’t see any white line. You mean in IE again?



    1: Ha… I know, I’ve worked around so many IE issues in the past….and future :)

    2: Did you set both a background image and a header image? I see a 1 px wide line around the header image in IE 6 & 8 and Chrome.



    If you want to look at my blog for the white line issue…I added a background and a header….they clash for now but you can see the white line.



    Just switched to Enterprise theme (from Regulus). I agree with (1). The theme also doesn’t show drop-downs in IE6. But the rounded corners should be fixed in later versions of IE.


    @etonlineinfo: Yes I see what you mean now; same thing if you add bg color (actually it’s not white, it’s light grey – e4e4e4). I think it’s intentional, because you get the same border around the whole white area (posts+sidebar+footer), but you can report it to staff in case they might care to change it:

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