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    First Question

    I added a “Pages” widget to my Enterprise-themed blog, and it allowed me to show the pages in the right column. But these same titles also showed up in the top header. Is there a way with Enterprise to not show those pages up in the header?

    2nd Question: Not sure if this is just enterprise, but is there any way to order the page titles, other than just putting a number or alphabet letter in the title in the order you want them to display?

    The blog I need help with is quinnservices.wordpress.com.


    1. Create a new custom menu, but do not put any pages or anything in it, save it, and then in the menu location module assign that empty menu to the primary menu location.

    If you also want the lower primary menu (the one showing categories) to be blank, do the same thing for it.




    2. Open each page, and in the “attributes” section assign a number to the page so that they are in the order you want them (1 will be at the top). Then in the pages widget, select “page order” from the order pulldown.



    Thank you for the help. I’m new to WordPress and am still trying to get used-to the conventions used here. Your suggestions worked perfectly.

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