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    I’m not sure how this happened, but all of my posts are now appearing “bold”. How can I get rid of this and revert back to a non-bold blog?

    Any help is appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is simplemedicine.co.


    This is most often caused by an open HTML tag in one of your posts.

    Go to settings > writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click “save changes.”

    Now, starting with your latest post, open it in the editor, make one minor change such as adding and then deleting a space, and then click “update post.” Check your blog and if it is back to normal, you are golden. If not, open the next post and do the same thing till it goes back to normal.



    I followed your instructions for changing the settings for writing, and individually edited posts. I did this for the last 5 I’ve written but it hasn’t helped. The bold situation only started today, so I thought it would be corrected after I changed by settings and edited todays post..

    Any other ideas?



    Please confirm… Are you talking about http://simplemedicine.co ?






    Either I need new glasses or there’s no bold that I can see on your front page.



    That’s strange!
    When I look at the font via font customization, it’s un-bold (a sample of this can be seen in the last post on my homepage, the last sentence is italics but unbold. This is what my blog used to look like).

    I tried logging out and viewing my page, but the font is still bold…


    These two fonts that you have set in the custom fonts, museo-1,museo-2 , both have wide strokes.

    If you want narrower strokes, then my suggested font stack would be


    and you would put it into the “body” selector directly such as this

    body {
    font-family: arial,helvetica,verdana,sans-serif;

    Either that or explore some other typekit sans-serif style fonts to find one with a narrower stroke.



    It’s not that I want narrower strokes, I’d just simply like the font to return to as it was. I am assuming there is likely an open <b> somewhere, so I’ll just keep searching.

    Thanks for all your help!


    I am not seeing anything bold in Firefox, Safari or Opera. Everything is standard for that font. There is no “bold” set in The font just has a wider stroke. What you were seeing before I don’t know, but the stroke on arial, helvetica and verdana are all a good bit narrower than the font you have chosen.

    The following image was captured off your site after I actually turned the second paragraph to “bold” by editing your source code using Firebug in Firefox. The first is just as I see all the other text on your main page.


    One other thing to remember is that how browsers, and Operating Systems render fonts varies in some cases by huge amounts, so what you see in one browser is not necessarily how it is going to look in another browser.


    The W3C validator does not show any open bold or strong tags either.



    Thanks for the update, perhaps its my browser. Though I still find it strange that when I view my site through the font customization page there is a blatant bold font appearing on my live page and a blatantly non bold font being shown to me on the customization screen. I’ll try to take a screen shot and post it.



    Just wanted to let you know that the problem was a widget in the second side bar. I had my layout set to one side bar and didn’t think to open the second. There was an open <b> within the text of the widget. Thanks for your help!

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