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  1. I am currently running a blog with 15 other contributors--all students blogging from all differnet locations in the world. Recentlty, I have had e-mails from my students stating that they have submitted their entry for review, yet I have had no notification. To be sure they weren't doing anything wrong, I created a different account, added myself as a user to the intial blog and wrote and entry and submitted it for review. Nothing happened. Is there something wrong where there is a reason the blog entries that are submitted by contributers are not being sent to me (the admin) for review, or even available for me to see on my dashboard or actual blog?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are they not visible as Drafts on the Dashboard? Not visible at all?

  3. Nope, nothing. I have had 3 contributors tell me that they have submitted something for review (as far back as a week ago until today) and I have no notification, no e-mail, nothing in my draft, nothing in my dashboard as the admin.

    Any suggestions?

  4. Sorry, the above comment was from my other account I created to test it out to be sure before posting a problem.

  5. Are these students who've successfully submitted in the past, who are familiar with the procedure? If those posts are not even in Drafts, and there are several missing, that's a very unusual error.

    Try the Cookie Dance, in case this is just a cache issue on your part: log out of WP, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your computer. Then look again and report back if that helped.

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