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Entries on main page?

  1. I know it's possible to change the number of entries on the main page and I've looked through the options for the setting, but can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help?

  2. dashboard - > reading - > blog pages

  3. Just remember that there are some folks still on dialup. Most Posts on a page aren't usually a good diea if you're longwinded. :)

  4. They are little long-winded and I've decided against the "more..." feature in favour of having just the one latest post on the page and I've increased the list of recent posts.

    I found the releavant section under sub-tab "reading", except the main tab is "options", not "dashboard.

    Thanks for your help.

  5. I use the single Post per page on my webcomic as well.

    Dashboard is what you wind up at when you login.

    Although the root would actually be:

    Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> Blog Pages

    in case anyone else comes up and sees this thread. :)

  6. TT, I noticed on your Coyote blog that you have a counter and I wonder where did you get that.

    I thought it would be a sidebar option but I can't see it, so I thought I would add the "meta" tool, now I can't rid of it! Any ideas? I can move it, it just keeps going back on to the sidebar, instead of to where the place you pick up the bits from. I think it was better the old way.

    Thank you.

  7. Intuitive - two issues - multiple points
    (1) You can get a *free and visible* counter from for your blog.
    It will provide you with lots of information but not the url's for referrals.

    (2) If you want to get an *invisible* one so you can track urls for referrals you have to pay $.

    (3) You can also get a free counter from statcounter. I don't have one thus have no testimony to offer but other bloggers do have them.

    (4) meta tool? Is that what that weird line in your sidebar is from? I'd just drag the meta widget out of the sidebar and click save and that's that - it's gone. Maybe try it again and if you don't succeed, and drmike doesn't throw you a lifeline, then send in a feedback.

  8. *chuckle* Doesn't Scobleizer have enough links to his blog? :)

    Looks like Intuit got rid of the Meta Widget. I don't see it there on his or her blog.

  9. I don't know what happened to that 'meta' but it's gone now. What's it for anyway? Metatags?

    I'm familiar with and use Sitemeter but there's another counter on and it seems to be part of WordPress itself. It's left of the small coyote picture half way down.

    Do you know where I can one? Thank you.

  10. Are you talking about the Blog Stats? If so, that is a widget that you can add in your sidebar.

  11. That's the one Viv, I just found it. :) Thanks.

  12. I'm glad Vivian found what you meant I couldn't for the life of me undertsand what you meant - DUH! Too much pottery painting I guess my eyes are crossing and my mind is ... what mind???

  13. The Meta widget is for your login link and RSS links. I have it displayed on my webcomic if you want to take a look.

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