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Entries posted as private sent to followers!

  1. Hi everyone,

    When I publish my PRIVATE entries they are nevertheless sent to the email addresses of people who followed my erstwhile public entries. I have checked my settings and have not invited any readers to follow my private entries. Could this be a bug? It is rather disconcerting and annoying.

    Help that would help much apprciated.

  2. I tagged this thread for a Staff investigation. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  3. Timethief,

    Thank you so much for your assistance!
    Yes, I have subscribed to it.

    Mabel A.

  4. Were the posts published as Private, or were they made Private after publishing?

    Also, were these posts scheduled?

  5. Hi Macmanx,

    The posts were marked private prior to publishing.

    Sorry, but I do not comprehend what you mean with "scheduled"

  6. Did you write and publish them immediately, or were they written and then scheduled to publish at a specific date and time?

  7. I wrote and published them immediately.

  8. Thanks for clarifying, we're looking into this!

  9. Would you please clarify the URL of the blog this is happening on?

    I'm trying to figure out if you mean "erstwhile public entries" as in formerly public entries, or "erstwhile public entries" as in

  10. Hi, sorry for the delay, it was bed time meanwhile in Holland.

    I mean "formerly"
    (Sometimes I use literary more or less archaic words... :) )

  11. PS To be clear, the problem concerns this blog:

  12. Ok, we were unable to duplicate this in a variety of tests yesterday, so just make sure that you have set the posts status as Private before hitting the Publish button.

    Also, if you are subscribed to the blog via email, you will receive an email as you are the author.

  13. Hi macmanx,

    Thank you so much for going to all this trouble for me.

    I must say I am sure I did do that, mark as private before hitting the publish button, my informant spoke of receiving links to practically *all* my latest (private) posts. Again it leaves me to wonder about the possible activities of a hacker, who previously altered my password, much to my alarm.
    And there is not much as can be done against hacking, apart from frequently altering one's password.

    Thanks a bunch again,

    Greetings from Amsterdam,

    Mabel Amber

  14. If you're concerned about hacking, I recommend resetting your email password first (as your account password can be changed via email), then change your password one more time.

    Make sure that you use a strong password, and that you always log out if you access your account from a public computer.

    If this ever happens again, I recommend asking him to forward the email to you so you can see whether or not it was a typical subscription email.

  15. Will follow your advice.


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