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.entry-title not affecting posts

  1. Hello, I am using the Twenty Eleven Theme.

    I have made this css modification and I am not getting the expected result with in all area's of my site.

    <br /> .entry-title {<br /> font-size: 24px;<br /> line-height: 28px;<br /> }<br />

    I would expect this to modify all entries of class .entry-title but it is not doing such. The entry when you go into the post is not being modified.

    I have taken some screen shots of the issue and put them here

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Fixed it, for others reference the solution was:
    .entry-header .entry-title {<br /> font-size: 24px;<br /> line-height: 28px;<br /> }

  3. Nice work figuring that out!

  4. @designsimply thanks, I find learning this stuff fairly easy because I took two years of college programming, unfortunately second level accounting had held me back. Huh who knew you had to be an accountant to be good with computers right? ;)

  5. It's all about the numbers… :)

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