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EPP Code Namecheap

  1. I'd like to transfer my domain, which expired a few weeks ago, to where I have now paid for renewal. Namecheap are looking for an EPP code. Can you help please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried searching the Support site for "EPP"? The link to the Support site is at the top of every forum page.

  3. Yes. The information is not very forthcoming for what I am looking for. Instructions are for live domains and not for those that have expired.

  4. Clicking the above link to brings me to your site (currently Private), so it would seem that the domain is active.

    Regardless, I'll tag this for Staff assistance, but please be aware that Staff are currently at a get-together and there is quite a backlog of threads already marked for their attention. Please be patient while waiting for them to reply.

  5. Thanks, appreciate that

  6. @eosearc, The domain expired on August 23rd and is currently in the redemption period. Once a domain enters the redemption period, it cannot be transferred until it is renewed. If the domain is not claimed by another party during the redemption process, it will be released back into the public pool.

    This support document details the entire expiration process:

    If you decide to renew the domain, there is an additional $80 redemption fee. Please let me know if you would like to go this route.

  7. @kevmarsden-thanks for the information that the domain is in the redemption period. How can eosearc go forward as he/she said they have already paid for domain renewal at namecheap and they need the EPP code. Are you saying that eosearc will need to pay WWD $80 in order to transfer the domain to namecheap?

    (When I first replied above on October 2, the domain was indeed active because it lead to the OP's WPcom site which was Private. Until now, has placed a very helpful "Oh no! This domain expired XX days ago!" overlay when visiting a site on an expired domain. That didn't happen here. Just for your information and follow up.)

  8. Do I have to pay more cash to wordpress?

  9. The custom domain was removed from the site based on a request in another ticket, so that's why the expired popup is no longer displayed.

    @eosearc, if you want to use the domain on another registrar, there are two choices:

    Option 1. Renew the domain on The domain is in redemption, so the total cost is $106 (or $98 without Private Registration). Once the domain is renewed, it can be transferred to another registrar.

    Option 2. Wait for the domain to be released back into the public pool and then register it with another registrar. Unclaimed domains should be released about three month after expiration. The risk here is that the domain will be claimed by someone else before you have a chance to register it again.

    This support document walks through the expiration process in further detail.

    If you want to go with Option 1, let me know and I'll send you a payment request.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  10. The custom domain was removed from the site based on a request in another ticket, so that's why the expired popup is no longer displayed.

    Thanks for the clarification and information. And yet the domain was still active on October 2nd, otherwise I would not have seen the OP's site at that address when I visited the link.

  11. Seen as I already paid in Namecheap, doesn't that stop others from brig able to claim it?

    Bit much that WordPress are asking for more cash tbh. Surely it's not that tough just to hand over the epp code.

  12. The payment that was made to Namecheap most likely does not reserve an expired domain, but you should verify with them.

    The redemption process is standard practice for domain registrars and some registrars charge as much as $200 to reactivate a domain in redemption.

    Once a domain is in redemption, we don't have access to the EPP codes.

  13. While we would very much like to release the domain to you so you can go to Namecheap, like kevmarsden said, we cannot do so once a domain is in the redemption period unless and until it has been renewed/redeemed.

    There are two options.

    1) The domain can be renewed through us, with the $80 additional fee, and then transferred to another registrar;
    2) The domain can be allowed to expire fully so that it may become available to be registered again elsewhere. Again, as kevmarsden explained, there is a risk with this option, because the domain will go up for auction before it's released and others have an opportunity to bid on it and possibly purchase it.

    Once the domain is renewed, it will be renewed through August 23, 2014. From my understanding, Namecheap will not charge for that renewal again, but they may charge for an additional year's renewal to 2015. This point should be clarified with Namecheap support directly.

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