Erhmm … Rich? Retro-Fitted size on page …?

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    Heh heh, M.R. laughs nervously …
    When you have time to scratch yourself, would you check if there’s any possibility of my
    (1) having a bigger banner?
    (2) pushing both sections out, the main container to the left and the sidebar to the right, to match the wider banner
    (3) if ‘no’ to the first, forget no. 2

    The blog I need help with is



    1) How much bigger do you want it? Right now the overall width of your site is at 1020px.

    2) When you say pushing them out, do you want to widen them or put more space between them? I would assume the former, but don’t want to assume (you know what that does). :)


    Vell … It would be wunderbar if half of the currently empty space at each end could be used. :-}
    I do mean widen them: what a clever little sausage you are to have worked out what I mean! – this is a challenge most times, as you are well aware!
    I know what assumption is the mother of – all of ’em.
    I oughta – I’ve done it about a squillion times already. Sighh …


    And also – although you may not BELIEVE my cheek! – how about going upwards in the header area, too; so that my banner can be bigger all ’round?
    I know, I know – I don’t want much …
    But Rich me old china, just tell me to piss off when I’m being too irritating for words.


    Vell … It would be wunderbar if half of the currently empty space at each end could be used. :-}

    Vell, how much space there is to the left and right depends on the width of the visitor’s browser window. :) Given the theme you are using is a fixed width theme, you have to keep your visitors in mind when widening it. Generally most designers are still considering a monitor width of 1024px, when doing designs.

    The following will widen it out to 1120px (100px increase in width) and the extra 100px I’ve added to the width of the content area. I’ve used some trickery on the header image so that it widens to cover the new width and adjusted the height of the container div to allow the full 150px height of the image to show.

    #header .wrap, #main .wrap {
        width: 1120px;
    .content-sidebar #content, .layout-default #content {
        width: 770px;
    #branding {
        background-size: contain;
        height: 125px;
        width: 1080px;

    Zo, dullink … are you telling me that I really shouldn’t be doing this?
    I’ve just remembered that my tame IT genius once sold me a new monitor that was shaped like an A4 page, and I LOATHED it. Too used to the lenscap shape (you know the old joke?).
    If you think I really shouldn’t, I shan’t: I am your willing acolyte in these matters …


    I didn’t thank you only because I was hoping to hear back on two counts. It has only just occurred to me that you might have something else to do – other than pander to the vagaries of my will, I mean.
    Sighh …
    I thank you now: I ALWAYS thank you; just as you always tell me I’m welcome. If you were French I’d say “MENTEUR!”.


    No, you can do it, and at 1120px, it will fit the majority of desktop monitors. Since you are using a fixed width theme, you might want to activate the mobile theme at Appearance > Mobile and then visit your site on a smart(?) phone and see what you think. The design will look quite different from what it will look like on a desktop monitor, but it is easier for visitors on phones to read.

    And you are welcome as always.


    Don’t have one. Just a little Nokia that takes shithouse photos one cannot DO anything with at all, other than regard them irritably.
    I shall ask someone who has one … eventually. When I think of who I know thus blessed.
    Alternatively, I shall ask the 930-odd. Why didn’t I think of that? – why didn’t you?! ;-)
    No need for a reply. I have noted your good manners.


    When you get a chance to have a look, you can make your decision then.


    Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
    I remain your biggest (and oldest) fan, you lucky devil. [grin]


    I posted a little sticky that was responded to by 3 people almost immediately, Rich; you can read the comments on the blog – much easier than my re-typing them with typos, I think …
    And another friend has sent me a screen grab by email that might well be of interest, but I have no idea how to show that to you. It’s VERY BIG!


    Bottom line: you were right. Amazing! Not.
    I’ve removed the code, but apparently it remains a bit of a dog’s.
    Not that I care a whole shitload, and I don’t think the 930-odd do, either. These 3 went off and got their ‘phones to help me.


    (1) while extra width was set:
    “The header goes all the way across but the writing is only in the left third (or slightly more) and the top paragraph of this post is mostly on top of the header photo. I wish I knew what to tell you in order to fix it, but it doesn’t look right. The things that are on the right side of this page–”The Book”, “The Writer”, etc., are all at the bottom on the left. That may be normal for a blog on the phone. But the other part isn’t right. :-(“

    (2) after I removed the coding again:
    “Except that your names, both first and last, are in two parts, it looks great.”

    “Hey there, I have smart phone and it looks good except for your name which looks like this….

    The text is set really well and is easy to read.
    Hope this helps



    I just checked your site on my phone. The header is there and then underneath it is the header image and below that, the posts in a single column, full width of my phone display. Below all the posts is the sidebar, which is where it should be on the mobile theme (full priority given to the content over what is in the sidebar).

    We can adjust your site title so that your name doesn’t get broken up. I’ll work on that code.


    I started to write one of my rubbish answers and erased it. I must try to behave like an adult; heaven knows how much of one I am in years. :-(

    Thank you, Mr. S.: please put it low on your list of priorities.
    I shall leave that mobile setting as it is in my dashboard.


    Add this to your custom CSS and it downsizes the site title on the mobile theme. It also is in white, and the background of the site title is white as well. What color would you like it to be? I’ve included a color declaration too. You can edit the color. I set it to black.

    .mobile-theme #site-title {
    font-size: 24px;
    .mobile-theme #site-title a {
    color: #000000;

    What took you so long???
    Guess you want this right out of your hair, and I DON’T BLAME YOU!
    Have done. Left it black.
    You’re really great.


    I just checked it in my phone, and the title looks great now. I’m about to sign off for the evening, and you are welcome.

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