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Erroneous "Atuosave" Message

  1. Can anyone explain what it means when I can get a message on the page editor saying "There is an autosave of this page that is more recent than the version below." even though I've just published my changes and the line below says "Page Updated." I've also had this happen with the post editor. What gives???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This happened to me several times. I think after you've published a post and it autosaves before you leave the edit post screen then thats why the message appears. Other than that, your actual post should be ok and updated.

  3. I hope so. It looks okay on my blog. It's just weird that the message was still there even after I clicked Published again trying to get rid of it.


  4. It's a weird error that sometimes happens. Hasn't been happening for awhile, but obviously staff are tinkering and I noticed it come back just over the last day or so. If it persists I'd report it.

  5. Thanks rain.

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