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Erroneous referrer information

  1. The last few days I have begun to get referrer info from sites that obviously are NOT having readers going from it to me. (And yes, I do understand that sometimes there are automatically generated links below blog posts from other sites that often, though often not, are related to the post.) But it's not that. I currently run a music blog that recently received referrer links from " ..." and "" and " ..." -- all sites that appear to have found a way to become referrals -- in order to get other blog users to click on the referral links. Links to my page are nowhere on their sites. Strange. Anyone else seeing this behavior lately? Just curious. Thanks.

  2. You are not alone. See this thread in the support forum >

  3. I've also been getting strange referrals in the past week, including as mentioned by daviddrobbins, secured personal loans and something about preventing email spam. My blog subjects are random, but not THAT random. I'd like some answers too and maybe some tips on how these people could be blocked. Or sent away with a flea in their ear, knowing that it's currently illegal to go and find them, then set them on fire (I'm only half joking). I'm not at all impressed.

  4. Ah, TT, you put that up before I added to this thread. I'll have a look at it now.

  5. @pienbiscuits
    Staff are now looking into this. Perhaps you ought to post into the thread I posted the link to above.

  6. I get too. I'm glad that the issue was raised because I have always wondered why I get clicks from this website but i never though of asking. I check the link posed by timethief but I don't think they have resolved the issues as of nwo.

  7. @hibiscusjaune
    Although the issue hasn't been resolved yet, I'm thinking Staff may want to know details, including the blogs on which these strange referrals are in evidence.

  8. These are the ones I've seen. They generally only refer once during a day:


    The one commonality that I've noticed with these sites is they all push a product, and they all use a 'live traffic feed' widget. I haven't seen any negative behavior due to these referrals. My site still works well. I've got MalwareBytes, AVG and Spybot -- which all have given a clean bill of health to my computer. I've listed the sites above to assist staff (just in case there's something there that helps) and to suggest to bloggers -- don't click on those sites. They won't have anything related to your blog. Thanks everyone for the comments, updates, etc.

  9. 5.

  10. Oops. Sorry. I meant to make it clear ... my last message is NOT click on the above URL. Just added that as one of the bogus referral sites.

  11. Took the http out, so it's not linked

  12. @vanillalounge
    Thank you. :)

  13. pornstarbabylon

    I get hits from sites where I can't find how I'm being linked from there. Last week I got hits from the Facebook application page for FarmVille which has over 22 million fans. How could I possibly be linked from there?

  14. Whoever's doing this is probably doing IP spoofing or something. So the hits are not actually coming from there.

    If you look at it from a criminal perspective, they could be getting paid to drive hits TO those sites. They appear to send you a ton of traffic and boom, you check them out from your dashboard. So it worked.

  15. pornstarbabylon

    This week I also got new referrals from Facebook and now Myspace. I never link from them. Especially Myspace because I don't want to get banned. And I don't even use Facebook. Just weird.

  16. My blog,, is getting referrals from the following phantom (?) sites:………

    Coincidentally (perhaps), these referrals have occurred since I re-customized my Live Traffic Feed on 3/13/10.

    My second blog,, has not received any such referrals. I have not changed Live Traffic Feed on that site.

  17. If you want Staff attention then please post to this thread on the support forum

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