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    I know there are other post about this ( However, I read them and had no idea how to fix my error 324 problem, maybe I am too stupid. I just start used wordpress for my website for 3 hours and this infamous problem turn up. I dont know why, i was only adding catergorize. Please do not ask me what version of broswers, i am using, it is kind of dumb course chrome, firefox are autoupdate these day. And yeah! yeah! I tried different pc, browser, turn off fire wall…etc and I still cannot see my lovely website again. I am sad and donot know what to do



    Here is what a Staff member said in one of the other threads on this topic

    There are a few initial things we can try:

    1. Please turn off any browser plugins or extensions you’re using.
    2. Consider temporarily disabling your firewall to see if a misconfiguration could be at issue.
    3. Try using a different browser.

    It can be a little tricky to troubleshoot such connectivity issues, and we’ll need potentially sensitive information like IP addresses, so please contact us directly at [email redacted], if the issue persists.

    Please include a link to this thread in your email.


    I’ll tag this for Staff assistance regardless so they can contact you directly.



    I can see just fine, so this is appears to be a problem on your end, probably browser-specific.

    Here’s what I see:

    Please try the steps that Jennifer listed earlier. If that doesn’t work, let us know, and we’ll send you an email for further info.



    oh it’s not, it However, I figured out it is not wordpress problem but rather the server host my site. Therefore, i changed my web host services and start from scratch again. Thanks for comment everyone.



    Right, is a self-hosted blog, which we really can’t help with.

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities: has complete documentation and support sites for self-hosted/installed versions of at and

    However, if it’s a server problem, you should definitely talk to your hosting provider.




    I have the same issue when I try to add a new user. The only way to correct it is to delete the cookies related to the blog. It occurs when I insert email and name on MailPress widget too. This issue affects the visitors…

    I fount this:



    I found this on Chrome, Safari and Firefox

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