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Error 404 - Not Found

  1. All the pages in my blog are returning Error 404 - Not Found. They were working find few minutes ago. I cah see the pages on the Manage->Pages tab but non of them works.


  2. Please skim the front page of the forums. There are already a number of threads on the subject.

  3. I can even edit the page, but I can't see it. When I click on (View site ยป) I get an Error 404 - Not Found for every page.

  4. It seems to be a general error at the moment... and support (or feedback) is closed.

  5. Me too on the "not being able to see pages problem-they're all coming up on the 404 Snarky comment line..."

    PLUS My rss feeds are making my sidebar....disappear

  6. Just the feedback system is closed. The support email address, the servers and the service is monitored. They've been made away of it though.

  7. Last night the following happened to me

    I wanted to add an rss feed for Good Morning Silicon Valley and one for the Phila. Inquirer Health/Science feed
    They made my sidevar disappear and a few sidebar widgets moved down to the bottom. I thought it might be the Capital letters I was using to name the RSS feed but no such luck...

    Tonight the same thing has happened and I got the sidebar back by taking out both rss feeds widgets

    Now the 404 errors

    Firefox win xp

  8. Please continue the 404 erro in teh sticky thread. making dupe threads is frowned upon around here:

    And I need to see the RSS feeds to see what is occuring. If you remove them, we can't help.

  9. I'm sorry, I don't understand. My post was a "dupe thread"?

  10. @broadcatch
    These issues are related drmike means post here

  11. There's already nearly a dozen threads on the 404 issue displayed on the front page of the forums here. I'm just trying to keep everybody in one place instead of spreading them into multiple threads.

  12. check :)

  13. Thanks Timethief and Dr. Mike again
    I'll be quiet and go listen to some Dead

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