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error 404 problem

  1. Hallo!
    For 2 days now I experience these problems in my blog: sometimes (not always) when I press the headline of a post, I get the error 404 message. The same thing happens when I moderate a commend of mine; when changes are done and I save the commend, it shows me the error 404 message, but the changes I have made are saves and someone can read it if he refreshes the page. Could someone help me with that?
    PS. I made no changes with the dates of the posts or the commends.
    Thank you.

  2. Link to you blog please.

  3. starting with http:// please

  4. I can't seem to replicate the error. Where, exactly, are you clicking on the links? The link to your post on your main blog page might be different from the link on your Manage page, etc, so please tell us exactly where you clicked the last time you got the 404 message.

  5. It is not happening all the time. As for the posts, the problem appears when I click on the headline of the post. I wonder if it has something to do with people clicking at the same time on the same post/headline.

  6. Yes, but is it the headline of the post when you are on the main page or the headline of the post when you are looking at the Recent Comments widget, or the headline of the post when you are already on that post's page, the headline of the post in Latest Posts on the Dashboard, or the headline of the post in the Recent Posts widget?

    A few months ago we found that a couple of those places had bad URL's and staff had to go in and fix things.

  7. The headline on the main page it is (sorry for my bad understanding).

  8. That's very strange and I cannot think of a single reason for it. If it is still happening tomorrow, send a message to staff during their office hours via your Support button on the dashboard.

  9. Ok. Thanx :)

  10. centraljaringan


  11. Indeed, the solution seems to be the changing of the posts' url. Thank you all for your help.

  12. in my situation no sometime but always (alltime)
    help Me..........PLS

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