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Error as soon as I log in = crash

  1. When I log in from my home computer, the moment I get to the 'edit post' screen, I get the whole error popup that asks me if I want to send an error report. I send one, and then all of my internet explorer windows shut down. This started happening last night, and continues today.

    At my work computer, however, everything seems to be working fine. Is there some internet setting or something I have at home that's causing trouble? Any advice would be appreciated.

    I'm suspicious of my Norton Virus protection, and I have plans to remove it this weekend. But I'm not sure if it could be something else.

  2. Definitely try turning off Norton; it might or might not be the problem but I mistrust it on principle. Your OS is Windows, right? What browser are you using? Have you tried using another browser to reach the visual editor, say Firefox or Opera? If it happens with several browser then I'd think it's most likely a problem with your system.

  3. Thanks for the response. Yeah, I run off of Windows, and I only use IE. I could try downloading Firefox, but IE has never given me problems before. I'll give it a shot.

    And by the way, I hate Norton. Hate. Them.

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