Error Check Primary Site Jetpack Connection

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    My website has been down for a while now and I don’t know how to check the JetPack connection to get it back up. I can’t even get to the dashboard to check the settings! HELP PLEASE!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    If the site is offline, nothing in Jetpack can help you at this point. Connecting Jetpack won’t bring your site back online, and in fact the site has to be online first before Jetpack would be able to connect to it.

    If the site is offline you’ll instead need to contact your hosting provider for help getting it back online, or if it’s offline due to a software issue you can ask for advice in the self-hosted WordPress forums over at

    The Jetpack debugger shows it cannot connect to your site because XML-RPC appears to be disabled:

    That also can only be fixed by your hosting provider.

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