Error connecting WordPress to LinkedIn: The Extended Edition

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    Hello Hello.

    I’m having an error that someone else recently had trying to reconnect my blog to my LinkedIn account. I’ve followed all of the steps that rachelmcr offered and also the usually effective (clear cache, browsing history, etc.) that ysetteguevara suggested.

    I even tried to do it from a different browser to see if that might have an effect — no dice.

    The only thing left that I can think to try is to disconnect from LinkedIn and then don’t try to reconnect it for a couple of hours (sometimes time is the answer, right?)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jeremiah,

    We are having some issues with the LinkedIn Publicize connection recently. Our developers are working on this and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much for your patience!



    No problem!

    I’m just glad to know that there wasn’t something I could have done to make this work. I hope the fix doesn’t take up too much of the developers’ time.



    I’ve been having the same problem for a few days, if not a week. What’s odd is that when I login to LinkedIn through WordPress (and get the error message), I’m not logged in when I go directly to LinkedIn. Usually I am logged in, because then I have to go directly to the social network (Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc) to log out. Somehow WordPress itself just isn’t connecting.



    My guess is that this issue is impacting many WordPress users. In the future, wouldn’t it be possible for WP to identify the blogs/users that have this feature active and send them a message indicating WP is aware of the problem and is working on it; along with a message when the problem is resolved?



    Please add me to the list of people having this issue/problem. (GraceJiYoung), do you have any idea regarding a time estimate for problem resolution? Please advise. Thank you.



    Recently, my share feature stopped sharing to LinkedIn, saying I needed to refresh my connection. When I tried to, it said it could not do so. I deleted my existing LinkedIn account on my dashboard and attempted to make a new connection to my LinkedIn page. Still, no luck. My LI page is up, running fine, and I am not sure how to fix it so all my blog posts are automatically shared again to that page.

    Log in to your LinkedIn account and go to the Privacy & Settings page.
    In the bottom left, click the “Groups, Companies & Applications” tab.
    Look for the Applications section and click on “View your applications.”
    This should take you to a page called “Authorized External Applications.” Look for in the list on that page, check the box next to it, and then click the Remove button.
    Now, go back to Settings > Sharing on your blog and try setting up the LinkedIn connection again.–311709d4-a8fa-4277-99a8-91fb0901a4c6&oauth_verifier=54529

    WORD PRESS ERROR: There was a problem creating your connection. Please go back and try again.

    I have also followed the instructions (to a T) found here:

    WP gets added back in to the Authorized External Apps on LinkedIn but still fails to connect w/ WP (or vice-versa – depending on who you want to blame for the failure).



    We are still looking into the issues with LinkedIn and hope to have it resolved soon. My apologies, but I do not yet have an ETA for when the issue may be fixed.


    Hello Lovely Forum Staff,

    I happened to try reconnecting my LinkedIn account with my account and it worked!

    I guess it’s all fixed (for now).




    Still not working for me, so maybe it’s flaky.

    Also sometimes getting this error: “The partner did did not properly implement the authentication protocol.”

    in addition to the previously error: “There was a problem creating your connection. Please go back and try again.””



    There was a moment I *thought* it was working again for me, but time showed that it was not. Hope it stays working for you jeremiahstanghini.

    Did you test it to make sure? Did you test it more than once and over a period of a few days?

    Best wishes,


    Good point(s).

    I haven’t actually tested it by posting anything, so I’ll switch this back to unresolved, until I’ve posted a few times and see that it works.



    Hi all, my connection fails din the last few days and I have done all of the checks – but to no avail!


    Just upgraded my WP to 3.8 and I’m having the same problems with the connection.



    I’m having the same problem and I have a new post ready to go. I am a patient person, but this problem is simply going in circles looking for a solution.



    Oh well, that’s me too then. I’m not the only one who gets this message when I try to post my post on my Linkedin page: The partner did did not properly implement the authentication protocol.

    Please could the Happiness Engineers sort this out for us poor folks who are at our wits’ end? My blog is seven


    I am having the same problem connecting to LinkedIn. I tried all the steps and advice from the forums. Anyone have any idea how long it will take until this is fixed?



    My blog also unable to refresh connection to LinkedIn.



    Frankly, I’ve given up hearing back from WordPress or LinkedIn. My solution: I post as usual, without any linking to LinkedIn or Facebook for that matter (my reason follows). Then I copy the permanent link and use that to update my LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Reason: If I do the posting, vs automatic, I also have more power over selecting which thumbnail will be associated with the post — as a professional photographer, that is primo important. I hope this helps other folks. Cheers!



    Hi All!

    I’m so sorry for delay! But, we have great news! The LinkedIn connection has been fixed and it should be working now!

    Please let us know if you find otherwise!

    Happy Blogging!

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