Error: could not find rss or atom feed at that URL

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    I’ve been running blogs at for over a year now and am having some pesky URL trouble for an rss feed.

    I have maintained a feed for Mindy McAdams site, Teaching Online Journalism, for some time. The feed addresses are: and

    Though previously each of these worked on my WordPress RSS widgets, now each returns an error message. However, the same feeds I maintain at my self-hosted, non-wordpress site seem to work fine.

    I’m not sure whether this is a WordPress issue or an issue with Mindy’s feed. Any suggestions on how to figure it out?




    We do not have full feedburner functions here as far as I know. I’ll leave it someone else to correct me if I’m wrong on that. We can however use this



    Same problem here. One of my RSS was working well til yesterday. Now it tells me that it can’t find the feed (It’s a Yahoo pipe). Google Reader shows no problem.



    I have two blogs. I have checked the RSS widget in the second one (Theme: Unsleepable): it’s working fine.

    The error

    Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.

    appears in the one based on Sandbox.

    Any ideas?



    I confirm that all my feed using are gone. And the feeds are working from my Firefox.

    Moreover if you add a widget and then try to remove you can’t.

    I use MistyLook.

    All of this since they made the change of categories and tags.
    Not good to do the job on a Friday and leave it like that over the week-end :-(



    Not good to do the job on a Friday and leave it like that over the week-end :-(

    If you stick around long enough, you’ll find that Friday changes are business as usual from

    I have noticed that the widget removal process has changed slightly. Instead of dragging the widget to anywhere over the “Available Widgets” area, you now need to drag it to somewhere near the “Available Widgets” title. The other widgets then shift down, and you can let the widget you’re removing go. If you drag it further down than the title, you can’t get rid of it.

    Kind of annoying and thoughtless to make it less accessible to folks with limited accuracy.



    Of course quite obvious, isn’t it?

    However RSS problem still there!



    Has anybody seen the RSSs back?



    No, still not working. Flagged the issue and they wrote me back: have you check that RSS feed is valid?

    Sorry, didn’t I say that it’s working with Firefox, Yahoo, Google but not anymore here?

    Wake up!



    We found a problem with a recent upgrade, and have correct it. You will need to re-enter the feeds into the widgets.


    How do you re-enter the feed in the widget? What is the format for my feed? I am also getting a Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL when accessing the widget.



    Your feed is just your blog url with /feed on the end. Go to Presentation –> sidebar widgets and re-enter it there.



    i have the same prob. cant fix it the way u suggested!



    I have a slightly different problem. My error message is this:

    An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.

    The feed is not down, and re-enering it doesn’t help either. Any ideas?



    And the url for this feed would be?

    How specificly are you using it? Can you walk folks here through what specifically you’re doing?



    Here is a feed that the feedreader chokes on:

    Error message is exactly like in the subject of this thread.
    Can it be fixed? That particular feed would be awesome to have.
    (It works fine in firefox / google reader etc..)

    // Martin



    My feed should be this one:

    And I just would like to have it on my blog as a simple RSS widget. And it was working earlier for a while.


    Still not working then?


    dont think so

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