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    I’ve tried to import my feeds uploading an opml file from my hdd to WordPress.

    I did the following:
    1) Exported feeds from Google Reader->result “export.xml”
    2) Used Import Feature in the Dashboard. Got this error:
    “XML Error: no element found on line 1”
    The first line is:
    <opml version="1.0">
    but when I open it in the notepad, all lines are together into one, there appears a “square” symbol which represents the line end, i think.

    Well, I thought maybe it was Google Reader’s doing, so I tried from Bloglines, who gave me an “export.opml” file, but i got the same error when importing. First line is:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    and then comes the <opml version…etc… but the separation is the same (all in a line and with squares).

    In both cases I can’t use the “import from URL” since both give a downloadable file. I tried, however, and got “XML error: mismatched tag in line 47”

    So, what do i do? Adding 71 feeds by hand isn’t a possiblity, lol




    How are you saving the exported xml file to your desktop? When you save it, in the “Save as…” window, there’s that drop down menu selection under the space where the file name goes. Try changing it to “All Files” and see if that helps. I’m wondering if it’s set to something else and your browser is modifying the file into a different format. Those boxes that you see it notepad are a giveaway of that.




    When exporting from GReader, the XML file is shown on the browser (Firefox). I choose “Save as..” and previously it saved the xml as “Web Page, complete”. I’ve changed it to “All Files”, and got the same error.

    When doing it from Bloglines, the “Download” window for firefox appears (Open With, Save in…), so I can’t choose that.

    I’ve also tried to export and save the feeds with IExplorer (you never know), but didn’t work either.

    I’ve tried to open the file in windows notepad and remove all the squares and use Enter to put line separations, but the edited file is rejected, too.

    So, strange thing is, I did succesfully import feeds the same way months ago, so, what has changed?

    BTW: I’m spanish and use Firefox in Spanish as well as my other software, I hope there aren’t problems with encoding or things like that…

    Cheers and thx!



    I’m having problems too. I use the OPML Editor to create my list of links, and the import tool always works. Except yesterday, when i got the same error. I tried old files (that had worked before), but i got the error again. The same little squares (i think they are the tabs caracter) appears, but the old file have them too.
    So, what has changed in the import tool?
    Or, by other way, do you know some site/tool to validate/fix the files?

    Thanks on advance.



    I found the solution!
    There is a problem with the importing opml from a file!
    I tried to import the same .php file that WordPress creates. I tried all possibilities using the “save as”, and copy & paste to the notepad, and the error “no element” continues.
    After that, i uploaded the same file (changing its extension to .xml) to my site at Geocities and import using its url. Surprise! It works!
    So i think your code (importing from file) must have an error.
    If you could fix that, please…

    Chato Mor



    same problem here. seems to be a WP bug.



    Feedback sent.



    Can’t wait to get the answer on this because I have been scratching my head on for the past hours before finding this thread. This is my problem exactly.



    the error i’m getting is: “The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form.”

    (I was trying to import a 77k opml file (and later also a 67k opml file) – both created by RSSOwl.
    Hoping for a quick fix… :-)



    yngr, that would be a backend issue best resolved if you brought that to the attention of staff via a feedback. You could probably break down the file into smaller bits if you feel comfortable with doing that?

    77k for an OPML file? That’s like 700-800 links!



    Just discovered this over on the regular WordPress Trac.

    I’ve gone ahead and bumped it up over there status wise as well as posting the link to this thread.

    Work around is to import links via the URL interface if you can. That worked fine for me.

    Hope this helps,



    The “XML Error: no element found on line 1” problem still exists.

    This is my OPML file:

    The extension is .doc, because picture or doc allowed to upload this site.



    You can upload *.doc files to your blog space but not through the OMPL uploader.

    Do see the link in my previous post. It appears that it hasn’t been worked on yet although someone points to a workaround that you may try.

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