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Error in displaying statistics

  1. Since a couple of days I cannot access my statistics. As soon as the bargraph finishes loading the entire screen of my broweser goes to black. This happens in both the old and the new statistics page. But not when displaying the small bargraph on the main admin page of my blog ( This problem only occurs in Google Chrome (Version 18.0.1025.142). In Internet Explorer 9 the statistics work are displayed as they are supposed to.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On March 29th Google released a new Chrome version. There have been others with exactly the same issue who are using the same browser version you are using. May I suggest that you try using Firefox or Safari?

  3. My statistics have been fine until today, but now the country views do not add up to the total views.

  4. Have you read the site stats entry?
    Why don’t post/page views add up to total views?
    Post/page views are included in total views, but there are many views to your site that are not a post or page URL. The front pages, category/tag/date/author archives, and searches are all examples of other views that only count towards total views

  5. Thanks for the tip timethief. Just taken a look at that now, but still not sure that it explains why the some of the country views today is less than the total views today. Never had that happen before today. I do not have a lot of traffic, so it is easy to do the sums :) Suspect I may be missing UK from the country analysis today. Is anyone else having the same problem? (or am I just being a bit slow as it is getting rather late?)

  6. I'll flag this so Staff take a look at your blog stats.

  7. Not everything will total in your stats, depending on what is trackable for each visitor. This is true for country views as well.

  8. Thanks timethief and macmanx. Not a big issue, just curious really, to see if something had suddenly changed in the way statistics are handled as it had never happened before. Since the country stats were introduced I never seen a discrepancy until yesterday. Would like to take the opportunity to say that I find the country analysis useful. Nice improvement in the stats info.

  9. EVen bigger discrepancy today. Showing "Views today" as 26. Under the country analysis all I can see is UK 2.

  10. Your views are definitely being counted correctly. It just looks like you have a lot that can't be isolated to a particular location.

  11. OK, thanks. My usual readers are from Norway, UK, USA, Australia and I have just send the link to family in Italy, which has not shown up yet. Can't think that any of them would be difficult to isolate, so I must have some mystery readers somewhere. Guess I will never know which planet they come from :)
    Thanks for taking the time to help me.

  12. You're welcome!

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