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Error in 'Recent Posts' section

  1. I have added a new post to test something, and then deleted it. I did not even give the post a title. However the post (under it's number) is still showing in the 'Recent Posts' list ??

  2. -> Dashboard -> Manage -> locate the post 279 and click "delete"

  3. I deleted a link hours ago that's also appearing in my sidebar. Apparently we have widget problems again so if it doesn't rectify by morning I will send in a feedback about mine. And I'll leave it to you to send in a feedback in on yours when you choose to do so.

  4. Don't sidebars typically have a lag time of at least an hour? I thought I remembered that.

  5. They do have a bit of a lag (I have never seen a consistent time), but I have found that you can manually remove the widget then Save and then put the widget back and it will "reset" itself and should clear that up.

  6. I'm talking 2 hours and I'm accustomed to not more than 10 minutes lag time for the cache to clear. If it's not rectified by morning I'll try pulling the widget and resetting as ryannjenn suggests and if that doesn't do it I'll send in a feedback.

  7. timetheif - I said I had already deleted the post from the 'Dashboard/Manage', so it is not there to delete again !!!

    anyone else saying it will disappear after some 'lag' time - it is now 5 hours later and the item is still there :-(

    ryannjenn - I just tried that option and it did not work ...

  8. @redracer
    I understood I just thought maybe trying deleting again might work. I my case the problem seems to have rectified over night as the widget is now displaying correctly.

  9. Sorry it did not work. Looking at your blog today, it looks as though it has fixed itself overnight as I don't see post 279 under Recent Posts.

  10. That's a post that you've deleted. It shows the postid number in its place to help things stay straight in the stats.

  11. yes, it does seem to be gone today, but the point is that it should not be seen in the 'recent posts' list once it is deleted. The only reason it originally showed a post-id is because I didn't give it a topic. And if a message is gone, why do we still need to worry about stats?

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