Error letters and i m french so forum it s hard to read…

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    Hello, I’m french, sorry for my english…

    I import Knol in wordpress but letters are not good… You can see this :

    Afin de réaliser un seuil de rentabilité � l’aide d’un tableur je vous propose au travers de ce Knol une vidéo présentant la mise en place de la structure. Ainsi en changeant quelques données il est possible de redéfinir le SR et s’entrainer pour l’examen.

    The “é” are “ƒÃ”.

    What can i do to resolve this ? Please.

    The article :

    Thank you very much.

    Jérôme ammouial
    Blog url:



    Hi Jérôme,

    Can you let me know if this error happened with any of your other articles? Or are you only seeing this with “Le seuil de rentabilité”?

    You can always go in and manually edit your articles by logging into your Dashboard and going to your Articles -> Edit page.



    In first there is not problem, but i tried to change something and i “edit” the page. So the problem is comed.

    The others blogs are good and i don’t want modify them because i fear that the same probleme comes.

    Sorry for my english…

    Why this is come ? How repeared ?
    I don’t know.

    Thank you !




    Thanks for the update, Jérôme! I’ve passed this information on to one of our developers, so he can take a closer look at what’s going on for you.


    Thank you for everything.
    I did not know and I discovered since the announcement of the closure of Knol.
    I understand why you Google “offers” you are very responsive and professional.
    Thank you again.

    And thank you to Google translation for this latest post:)




    It’s not better. Can i hope an improvement for my blog ?

    Thank you.




    Hi, Jérôme.

    We’re currently working with the Google folks to figure out what happened here and fix it up so we can pull that content again.

    I’ll make sure to reply here again as soon as we have a solution in place. Thanks for your patience.


    Thank you!

    I was afraid to have made ​​a mistake … But no;)

    I even tried to copy / paste in Word, correct, re-paste but nothing …

    Thank you for the work!




    Bonjour Jérôme,

    Could you try importing again if you have not yet tried again? That problem should now be fixed.

    You should delete your existing articles and related comments (those that were imported, not new ones if you created some since then) before re-importing, or the importer will seen them as duplicates and no overwrite them.

    You can easily do that by simply going to the articles and comments listings, selecting the ones you want deleted, and delete them


    Let us know how it goes. It worked great in my tests. :)



    It’s good in edit and modify :)

    Thank you.

    Sorry for english i’m french Oo




    Very happy to know it all worked out. Welcome to, and sorry about the original import issue.

    PS: je suis français aussi, mais vu qu’on avait commencé en anglais, j’ai répondu dans la même langue, au moins pour les futurs visiteurs de cette discussion. :)

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