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Error message when I try to publish "About"

  1. Well, that will teach me to leave well enough alone. I published this adorable, punchy "about" page for my blog, and then went back to fuss with it a bit. Now, every time I click "Save" I get the following.

    Error 404
    The page you are looking for does not exist; it may have been moved, or removed altogether. You might want to try the search function. Alternatively, return to the front page.

    This message also appears when you go to my blog ( and click "About"


  2. This is an issue many of us are having, in which extra pages (including your About page) cannot load. I've just edited a couple pages, and it looks like edits you make are saved, even if the page itself does not load.

    Hopefully support will see this and can fix the error soon!

  3. @shortexact
    Thanks :)

  4. Thanks for posting. For some reason, its a comfort to know I am not alone. Maybe because when I get an error message, I'm always convinced I've caused it. How motherly of me!

    I clicked "Feedback" to let them know about the problem but they seem to be closed until tomorrow.

    That's one of the very few things I don't love about my job (writer). I never get to "close." :-)

    Susan Wiggs

  5. Please continue in the other thread. Multiple threads on the same subject just cause trouble around here:


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