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    Two days ago I tried to import one of my WP blog on another one of my WP blog. Couldn’t be done, and this message popped up :
    “Oops! Sorry an error has occurred. Please click here to contact us so that we can fix it.
    Please remember that you have to provide the full, complete Blog URL, otherwise we can not fix it”

    As I don’t really mind to import, I let it be but from then this same message pops up for any action I make on any of my blogs and I can’t upload photos. And yes, I clicked on “click here to contact us ” but couldn’t send it, except for one blog.
    Thanks for answer

    The blog I need help with is



    When isn’t working on your computer, when in doubt try

    logging out
    clearing your browsers cache and cookies
    then log back in

    hope that helps.


    no…but thank you anyway.


    What browser and browser version are you using?

    Have you tried using a different browser?


    I have 5 blogs on WordPress and yesterday & today I’ve been having the same problem with all of them. I messaged support about one of them, and the fixed it this morning somehow on their end. I’ve messaged them again today about the other four blogs.

    No idea what’s causing it, but it definitely seems the only way to solve it is contact support and have them do some magic on their end! Sorry, wish there was a DIY solution… I’d love to use it too, since I’m waiting to be able to update my own blogs!

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