Error Messages When Users Try To Access My Blog

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    Error messages stating my blog isn’t available when the public, and WP bloggers are trying to access my blog.

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I can access this blog in 20 seconds flat in all three of my browsers (FF, I 8, Chrome). I suggest those who have troubles accessing it may wish to upgrade their browser versions here


    Hi timethief,

    Thanks for the reply on this. Great, I was beginning to worry. I have had some WP users report this to me, one was yesterday actually. I am thankful everything seems to be OK!



    I think it was just a browser related issue. Many people don’t seem to be on top of upgrading their browser versions.


    A WP user has just informed me they have had to cut and paste the link to my blog into Google before they could access it. They couldn’t get just access via the link to blog page on my profile page or
    Gravatar page ????? Can ANYONE help me understand why!!!!!!! I know very little about websites. Please help!


    OK, I worried as I know the blogger who told me this, and she accessed it before with no issues. I hope it is a problem with her browser and not my blog.
    Thanks again timethief!!!!



    You’re welcome and best wishes. :)


    Thanks, and you too :)

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