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    My blog is at When I try to post (Save or Publish) any record I got: “error number 499”. Also my Live writer has some problems too (why I used online posting).



    The blog is fixed now.



    Guys! You’re awesome! It took few minutes to get support! The best support I ever had… and this free-of-charge blogging platform! Thank you! Serge
    P.S. It works fine to post from my Live Writer b2.


    Hello: I’m receiving this same error on I receive it when I try to make any kind of update (either to a widget or to post or page).

    I’ve emailed but I haven’t received a response.



    Heads up: NO commercial content allowed on


    I understand. Thanks.

    On the same page, it states: “A discreet link to your business in the sidebar or an About page is permitted.” I currently do not have any links on the blog.

    If I blog about my experience with a product, be it negative or positive, it isn’t disallowed unless I flagrantly promote the product. I can see how the current state of the blog might be misconstrued, but as noted here, I am unable to edit it or change it right now.

    I should add: I am a little embarrassed at the way it reads right now and I appreciate your response. I desperately would like to edit it to improve it and tone it down… but I can’t. :(



    Send a support ticket: on your dashboard, top right-hand corner it says Support. Click that and give them all details.

    If you blog mostly about your experience with one product, and you are the beneficiary owner of that product or a paid affiliate, you are risking deletion of your blog. I would run the plan past staff and get the thumbs up or down straight from them. No sense wasting time building here if you need to find independent hosting because of ToS conflicts.

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