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    I am new to WordPress and like using Semagic to upload my posts. I had configured it and it worked fine all day yesterday, but when I tried to sign in last evening I received the message “Error parsing response XML.” I checked everything, all looked okay, reloaded Semagic, then tried loading WBloggar and Windows Live Writer, all with the same response. The problem, then, seems to be with WP rather than the clients. I am not a programmer; can someone please tell me how to resolve this? Thanks so much in advance!



    There’s a thread about this just a few threads down on this page. Look for xml-rpc.


    OH! This is my first time posting in/exploring the WP forums, I should have looked down the list. Thank you very much for your fast response. :)



    You’re welcome. Happy blogging, although I know it’ll be happier when this is fixed…

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