Error prevents sign up for a WordPress account

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    My colleague is trying to create a WordPress blog. Amazingly, he can’t get signed in so he isn’t allowed to post here because you need to sign in. Here’s what keeps happening to him:
    “I’m trying to sign up for a WordPress account and I get a browser error on both Firefox and Safari. Firefox suggested that I disable an Acrobat plug-in, but the problem persists. I also downloaded the latest version of flash Player, but it still won’t let me into the sign up page.”

    can anyone help with this?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s no possibe to duplicate anyone else’s situation unless they provide specifics.
    How is this person connecting to the interent and to
    Exactly which browsers and version numbers of them has this person used?
    Is this person using DoNot Track Plus, Ghostery or similar browser plugins?
    Have they tried disabling all browser add-ons and extensions?


    I’ll find out and let you know. Thanks for the quick reply.



    You’re welcome. When you have posted the information you can type “modlook” (without the quote marks) into the sidebar tags on this thread so Staff attention will be provided.

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