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    Hello. I’m trying to get more than one RSS feed to work. I keep getting this message, An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later. It’s happening to every feed I try to link except for one Please help, thank you



    Your entries feed is here and is working fine
    Your comments feed is here and is also working fine
    You have this RSS feed widget and it’s working fine
    You also have these two RSS feed widgets #
    RSS NY Daily News

    * An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.


    * An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.

    The errors are occurring at the source of the feeds so please follow the instructions and try again later


    I just checked your feed with feed validator and it fully validated:

    Are the feeds you are trying to view from wordpress.COM blogs? Are you trying to view them through a reader or directly from your browser? If you are trying through a feed reader such as Google or Feedburner etc., it could be an issue at the the feed reader site.



    I get this a lot

    * An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.

    and because of that, I have to try out different news sources to get news to my blog….ultimately those get the same message too. Since they all go down, I tend to think its on WP’s end not with the different feeds. Any ideas?


    I’ve concluded that wordpress is rolling out new code for added features and to fix bugs and anytime this happens, there are going to be glitches. All I can suggest is to give it a little time. WordPress has a huge number of servers and it takes a while for the code to get updated and active on all the servers.


    I agree. I have the same problem with a new RSS Widget I’ve tried to install on my blog. It’s WAY later, so I’ve waited and it still does not work. I’ve checked and rechecked the site and there is nothing wrong with their end. Any suggestions? Thanks



    is there a way not to show links to media files in the RSS feed?



    Thank you for the help. Are you trying to view them through a reader or directly from your browser? yes I’m going to a site from my browser and clicking on the site’s RSS button then pasting it in my RSS widget, so far not working except for the Feed So i’m still having issues thanks



    I somehow put a feed on my blog, i dont want it there, but I can figure out where to edit feeds.. help?



    All blogs have feeds built in. Please provide a link to your blog so we can look at yours if we are to help you.



    hi, can someone tell me why my feeds show as abstracts ( even that I configured it to “whole article”?


    Most RSS feeds resolve, once clicked on, to feed:// . That type of URL will not work in the RSS widget. Change it to and it should work.

    @eyalniv, if you just changed the setting, it may take a few minutes for the feed to update. I cannot read the language, but I just visited your feed and it looks to me like it is now showing full articles.



    nope, i changed it yesterday, and i still see abstracts.
    i noticed it when my feedblitz sent everybody abstracts, and i checked at feedblitz, where it shows no limitation. on my feed on WP (http, as you say) it shows only abstracts. any other ideas?


    eyalniv, it could be a function of the feed reader you are using. Are you viewing the source code directly or are you using a feed reader? When I look at directly, it looks like the full text of the posts is there to me.


    bracero, make sure you are using the feed URL and not the website URL. For example, you would use not in an RSS widget for the MLB Rumors website.



    hi, no, i use the URL you gave, and it only shows the begining of every post. aslo – i double and tripled checked with feedblitz, just to be sure, but it’s clear from that the first article gives only the first sub title and then “comments”.



    I’m seeing the same thing as you; truncated feeds. This is going to sound like a silly question, but can you double-check your settings, change it to truncated, save, then change it to full feeds? Who knows why, but sometimes that changes things.



    tried it twice. :(
    also now all my “direct links” (where you change the end of the URL) were deleted…



    I’ve been putting together a new blog ( and have put two RSS snippets linking to feeds from Google’s feedburner in the sidebar. When adding them in the page designer they worked. Once looked at outside the edit environment they don’t work, giving the
    “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.”
    Clicking on the RSS icon in the feed title line shows the feed correctly, however, so clearly the feed is not down. The same feed, used by what appears to be the same widget, also works correctly in another blog I host ( so the error is clearly not ‘the feed is down’.

    Some assistance in fixing this would be welcome, or we’ll probably have to find another host.



    I would contact staff directly. I know they’ve been tinkering with RSS feeds recently, and need to be made aware of all the details. You’ve been very thorough and that will help them tracking this down.

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