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Error with WP-Andreas09

  1. In the latest theme, WP-Andreas09, there is a huge clip on my site. It's always on the first post of the archives/categories/the main page.

  2. I tried to view your site but you're changing your theme. :)

    And what do you mean by 'clip'?


  3. Sorry Drmike, it's back to the theme. The clip is a huge field of white that wasn't there before.

  4. I'm viewing your site with netscape 7.2 and I'm not seeing anything. I was thinking that it was maybe because your would be logged in and have the blue bar but the bar is there for me as well.

    What OS/ browser are you using?

    Maybe a screen capture and posting it to a post would help. :)


  5. I'm using Firefox on Windows.

    The main page has a lot of white space.

    The category view suffers from this too and also has some spacing on the top.

    Archives suffers from the same things as the category view.

  6. This is a bug added by a change that has been done in this version. It is not in the original theme from what I can see. See the original request thread where this has been discussed too, they say that it has something to do with a clear:both that has been added to allow the positioning of images done in the visual editor.

    What happens is that the bottom part of the first post has a "clear:both" that clears the post below both the sidebars. But I don't understand CSS very well so I can't describe how to fix it. But the original theme coder, Ainslie Johnson, is working on a fix for this right now.

  7. edit: Looks like it's being taken care of. :)

    Confirmed with IE 6.0 on a Windows XP box. Background's messed up as well.

    *HOLY S%$#* We've got a theme that puts categories in order. :)

    Go ahead and send in a feedback if someone on staff doesn't notice this post anytime soon. Make sure you point them at it so they can see the pic links. Sounds like an issue with css.

    I just noticed that you can change the colors on this theme. Do you still get the white space when you do so? I'm wondering if maybe it's just one css file instead of them all.


  8. Yes, I get it with changing themes. Was my initial thought too.

    This is my favorite theme so far so I really want it to shine!


    This hack would solve the problem. Or has it been solved already? If so, someone should really tell the original theme coder since he is fighting to save the honor of his theme. :)

  10. How can this be fixed?

  11. There is a fix queued for deployment. There is no need to post further reports of this problem. Thanks for all the reports!

  12. lovely andy, thanks!! will post no mode. :)

  13. no mode = no more. which I just broke. Oh my... *shuts up*

  14. Thanks Andy. Now, I hopefully finally have a theme to settle down into.

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